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‘K2′ incense blamed after Texas man tries to eat dog in ‘zombie style’ attack

By Rob Cypher, Jun 27, 2012 | Updated: Jun 27, 2012 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher

    A 22-year-old man in Waco, Texas was arrested on Monday after a bizarre episode in which police claim he tried to eat his family’s dog in a “zombie style” attack.

    Michael Terron Daniel was charged with felony animal cruelty after an unnamed caller told police he was “going crazy” at his family home on Monday night around 6:30 p.m.

    A document provided to Raw Story by the Waco Police Department claims Daniel “is believed to have assaulted several people at the home” after telling them he was “on a bad trip” after using a herbal incense product known as K2, more commonly known as a type of “synthetic marijuana.”

    “Mr. Daniel then ran into the yard where he was observed to get on his hands and knees and chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog,” police said. “Mr. Daniel was then observed to take a live medium sized, black dog onto the front porch where he began to strike the dog, strangle the dog and began to bite into the dog ripping pieces of flesh away from the animal. The dog died at the scene.”

    Daniel was found at the scene covered in blood and fur, the dog’s body strewn across his lap. He also allegedly asked police to either fight him or use their Tasers on him to break him out of the bad trip. They instead called paramedics and left him in the custody of medical professionals. An arrest was made the following morning without incident, the report says.

    The attack is the first to be blamed on so-called “synthetic marijuana” drugs like those commonly found in blends of legal herbs sold in convenience stores around the country. Those herbs are usually coated with chemical additives that produce a marijuana-like sense of sedation and euphoria. The drugs have been increasingly targeted by federal law enforcement officials, who’ve only recently added dozens of newly discovered chemicals to the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) schedule of controlled substances, causing whoever is creating them to get creative in order to sidestep the law.

    The DEA calls these new drugs “cannabamimetic agents,” and notes that over 100 have been detected in recent years, many with unknown effects. In larger doses, which are often impossible to measure with any accuracy, some users of these experimental chemicals have reported suffering paranoid hallucinations, extreme forgetfulness, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure and seizures.

    Similar “zombie” type attacks have been attributed to several people around the U.S. who had allegedly ingested “bath salts” containing one or more legal stimulant drugs. Toxicology results have not yet been made available for the perpetrators of those attacks.



  1. RClover
    'marijuana-like sense of sedation and euphoria' Typical media trying to make another illegal drug look terrible, using a crazy story to scare people about the effects of evil weed.

    Whats important to remember is that these synthetic cannabonoid affects are nothing like the high you get from weed yes some people say some are closely related and as a pass user I know why they say that BUT at the end of the day the high is very different! Ever heard of a person smoking weed and then deciding to eat someone? Nope didn't think so, One serious case of the munchies here though!
  2. SpatialReason
    When does this crap end? I swear the only this bath salts and synthetic cannabinoids do is weaken your heart muscles and give you a sweaty/uncomfortable high. You will not become a zombie. End of story. This guy just liked the taste of dog and has schizophrenia.

    Mental illness does not mix with any drugs. This was mental illness. If the right things, like pot, were legal, it is easily possible to prohibit sales to anyone with a case of mental illness. All problems will be solved.

    I bet this man could have been drunk and ate a dog, and the story would be "mentally ill man eats dog."
  3. hookedonhelping
    LOL.. this is ridiculous. Cannabinoids do not make you eat mans best friend, or man, or anything else that resembles an uncooked live animal. With that being said, mixing in some synthetic cannabinoids ALONG with something else could dramatically change the experience.

    For instance, MXE is great fun from what I have read, but mix in some random synthetic cannabinoids and the experience intensifies ten fold. Will you eat a dog, human or otherwise? Doubt it.

    The answer to all this madness is simply legalizing cannabis and people will lose interest in synthetics.
  4. SpatialReason
    I have done this many times with MXE, and I can assure you that the experience is pretty f*ckin' intense. Yet the most I do is munch on thinbreads and hummus. NOT HUMANS OR DOGS.

    People need to do their crazy stuff while sober.

    I typically have a disclaimer with people that want to do any drugs with me of any kind: "if you can't handle your stuff, there is a fat possibility I might make your night 10x worse than the drug ever could... I am not up to dealing with antics... just here to chill..."

    I can deal with people that puke... I can deal with catatonic people... I can't deal with crazy people hugging onto a tree saying "I can't let go or I die... please call an ambulance..." And from my experience, it is people with latent mental disorders getting first-eye witness of their own mental problems for the first time. And I most certainly won't deal with dog eaters or zombies!
  5. Alfa
    Who says that the smoke blend contained cannabinoids at all? It could contain anything. And may or may not be related to the incident.
  6. SpatialReason
    Oh yeah, the smoking blends have just gone haywire in chemical makeup in the past two years due to all of the bans. Back in the old days, it was assured as JWH-018 or JWH-081. Now it is all sorts of mixes of things.

    Yet I think it harks back to the idea that it takes someone with a fundamental sickness to eat a living pooch. That guy has a broken brain. Give him a pipe and load it with X-substance, he is has been given the key to unlock the rest of that broken mind.
  7. Basoodler
    I like how its assumed that bath salts were the cause of the Miami attacks yet I've seen nothing even close to proving the guy ingested them. I am sure the news reports on the tox reports will be buried and it will forever be implied that it was a bath salts crime.

    I agree that all of these guys are nuts before they took any drugs. For this guy to tell the cops to taze him to end the bad trip to me implies that he was cognicent enough to know something was fucked up with his current thinking. Which is not in line with drug pscycosis .. its sounds to me like he knew what was going on.
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