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  1. chillinwill
    Some call it legal marijuana and new types are popping up all over the state. Kansas banned K2 in February, now a drug known as K3 is being sold in creative ways.

    Winter mint, dark cocoa and fruity pebbles; those are the scents or flavors of a very popular "herbal potpourri" made in Salina.

    "Customers are demanding it, I can't keep it on the shelves...it sells fast," said Eric Srack.

    It says on the label "not for human consumption" but Srack admits about 90% of his customers misuse his potpourri, meaning they smoke it.

    Srack owns "The Grind" in downtown Salina. He sells stereos, coffee and this herbal potpourri and he says it's intended to be used as just that.

    "It's made like a potpourri, it smells like a potpourri, it looks like a potpourri and I have had come in and buy it just to use it as potpourri," Srack said.

    It's a synthetic drug of sorts, also known as herbal incense, spice, or even K3. When smoked it has similar effects to marijuana.

    "There's rose petals, dandelions, lotus, lavender...mixing the herbs takes time, you want it to be pretty because it's potpourri," he said

    He starts with herbs he buys locally, combing it with a powder he buys over the Internet.

    "Then you just dry it out," Srack says.

    It's the powder police are concerned with; they say there's no telling what it actually is.

    "The KBI has samples of it and are analyzing it to find out what it is and if it's legal or not," said Carson Mansfield with the Salina Police Department.

    But until the State makes it illegal, police say there is not much they can do. And Srack's store this isn't the only place that sells it, K-3 is quickly becoming the drug of choice for many in rural Kansas.

    So while he admits his potpourri business may be sketchy at best, he says it's a product in demand, a way completely legal way to make a living.

    "Whatever we can sell to make rent, that's what we've got to do," Srack said.

    Srack says this type of drug is popular because it's legal and won't show up on any drug tests. He says nobody even knows how to test for it and that there is no way the state can keep up with all of these new drugs.

    Melody Pettit
    May 27, 2010


  1. basetrimmer
    my cat lives in missouri and they have banned 018 and 073. what is the new "active" ingriedent in the "k3" blend?
  2. Gourmand
    Yeah, I'd like to know too, cause my dog lives in Louisiana where K-2 was just recently banned. But, my dog did say that this is decent stuff.
  3. seven7seven
    SWIM says despite the ban in Kansas, the k2/k3 market is thriving. The smoke shops didn't miss a beat getting in the new alternative products since the jwh 018/073 ban. Brands popping up all over the place (ex. k5 bible belt blend). The market has also hit the streets with homemade blends. Very popular with people on probation, in rehab, or have to pee for jobs. Also, a lot of the brands, and the street shit, are usually stronger than the shitty mexi brick weed. SWIM says the ban was just a good advertisement for all the new brands! SWIM says people eat this shit up and drive half-way across the state just to score a sack. SWIM says about half of the local rehab center is currently smoking these blends. SWIM is kinda scarred of the products that will be rushed out after the next ban. This situation is beginning to take a potentially dangerous turn. Who knows what untested and dangerous products are going to be released in the next wave of herbal incense!!!
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