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Kan. workers find pot in potted plants

By hh339, Jul 28, 2006 | |
  1. hh339
    WICHITA, Kan. - Some interesting items have been showing up in the potted plants at Wichita City Hall.

    Since April, when the city installed a security checkpoint at the hall's front doors, guards have found several bags of marijuana and crack and other illegal goods in the potted plants near the checkpoint, Captain Joe Dessenberger said.

    And it doesn't end at the plants. Police have found drugs, alcohol and other items stowed throughout City Hall, according to a report police gave to the city council Tuesday.

    Among things found on both sides of the checkpoint: crack rocks, marijuana pipes and a bag of marijuana, an open bottle of whiskey in a man's bag, a woman carrying brass knuckles and a city employee disabling a security camera.

    In the first 39 days of screening, City Hall security officers seized 3,457 prohibited items and detained 15 people, according to the police.

    "We expected to be busy," Dessenberger said. "But not as busy as we've been."

    People carrying illegal goods have a chance to leave once they see security, said City Manager George Kolb. But for some reason, they choose to hide their items and come in.

    "I have a tendency now to check the plants," he joked.



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