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  1. SamanthaRabbit
    Keith Richards Wants To Test New Drug

    Although Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards has quit drugs he would test a new substance if it became available.

    Keith Richards wants to "road-test" any new drugs that are invented.

    The Rolling Stones rocker - who admits to have using numerous illegal substances over the years, including heroin and cocaine - doesn't take drugs anymore, but he would if something new came on the market.

    He said: "I've given up everything now - which is a trip in itself.

    "I'm just waiting for them to invent something more interesting, ha ha. I'm all ready to road-test it, when they do."

    Keith gave up heroin in 1978, and was forced to quit cocaine in 2006 after accidentally falling from a coconut tree and undergoing brain surgery.

    He said: "That was cocaine I had to give up for that. You're like, 'I've got the message, oh Lord.'"

    Because of his wild past, the 66-year-old musician is convinced he will be going to hell when he dies.

    He told The Times newspaper: "Well I'm not putting death on the agenda. I don't want to see my old friend Lucifer just yet. He's the guy I'm gonna see, isn't it? I'm not going to the Other Place, let's face it."

    Keith is also proud of the amount of time he has spent on the Most Likely To Die list over the years.

    He said: "I used to read it, check I was still on there. I was on it longer than anyone else. Badge of honour!"

    The rocker also admits his drug habit was so extreme, he had a custom made hat to hide his supplies, and a side-panel in his car filled with illegal substances.

    He added: "There was a flap at the side in which I'd stowed hash, Tuinals and coke.

    "I'd spent hours packing the side-panel of the car with coke, grass, peyote and mescaline."

    17 October 2010 05:45:18


  1. Alfa
  2. Moving Pictures
    I remember reading about him falling out of that tree and spliting his head open. And it really made me think, what the hell was he doing climing a coconut tree anyway? The doctor told him he couldn't do cocaine anymore cus it could rupture a vessle in his brain. I think he should avoid all stimulants, even RC stimulants. Maybe he wants to try a new hallucinogen. I don't beleive he quit all drugs though. I'm certain he still smokes pot and know for a fact he still drinks because he talked about it in an article last year. I'm also skeptical he quit heroin in '78. There's tons of photos from him in the '80s where he looks like he just did a fat ass shot. Maybe it was just pain pills though. Or barbs. Either way, I love you, Keith. The Stones are the shit. I'm just glad he didn't want to be knighted like Mick Jagger. Mick just saw Paul Mccartney get knighted so he wanted it too. Hate to say it, but Mick sold out. I still love him though.

    Ah, sorry for the ramble. Love the Stones.
  3. enquirewithin
    Isn't Keith Richards British, like the Queen? ;) I think he permanently looks out of it, regardless.

    I am lost for words. It must have been the booze... Neil Young initially supported Bush too, but did change his mind later.


    (I don't know why, but the text has been edited out of the online version.)
  4. Wanderer
    Probably out of line and totally distasteful...

    Didn't he "sample" his father's ashes last year?

    Guess it wasn't active...
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