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Kentucky-area mayor resigns after bust by undercover cop for selling weed near school

  1. Rob Cypher
    Danny Sparks has resigned as mayor of Olive Hill following his arrest Wednesday night on drug charges.

    The FADE task force arrested Sparks after an investigation that had been ongoing for several weeks. He was charged with trafficking in marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, a felony. Sparks was detained near Olive Hill Elementary School. FADE officers also found an open container of alcohol in Sparks' vehicle, which is a violation. As he was escorted to the Olive Hill police station for interview, Sparks said the arrest was "a big mistake" when asked for comment. He later submitted a written letter of resignation from his mayor’s post.

    Sparks was detained with another man, who refused to give his name to media at the scene. The man indicated he and Sparks had an ongoing relationship. FADE officers confirmed the two men had a personal relationship, but declined to elaborate. Charges are pending on the unnamed man, according to FADE.

    Here is his resignation letter, obtained by The Journal-Times:

    “Due to a very bad mistake that I have made tonight, and have failed the trust of the good people of Olive Hill, my friends and most of all my family, I have decided with deep regret to resign tonight as Mayor of Olive Hill. I hope that everyone will understand that I have always tried to do the very best for Olive Hill and hope that the people will understand that I will always try to continue to help in any way possible to better this City regardless of what position I may serve. What happen(ed) tonight is something I have never done before and deeply regret it and hope to move on.”

    Danny Sparks

    Sparks was re-elected mayor in 2010 in a three-way race with Jim Short and Clyde Wilson.

    Sparks won the race by only 25 votes.

    A recanvass requested by Short failed to produce any additional votes for him. Short sued to have the election results thrown out and to have a special election, with the city paying the election cost.

    But Carter Circuit Judge Rebecca Phillips upheld the results of the mayoral election and Sparks remained in office.



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