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Kentucky Teacher Busted After Mistakenly Sending Text Messages to State Trooper

By sciencedj · Feb 24, 2007 · ·
  1. sciencedj
    Kentucky Teacher Busted After Mistakenly Sending Text Messages to State Trooper About Drug Deal

    Friday , February 23, 2007
    MURRAY, Ky. —
    Misguided text messages led to the arrest of a western Kentucky teacher who is accused of trying to buy pot from a state trooper.

    Trooper Trevor Pervine was at dinner with his wife and parents, celebrating her birthday when his phone started buzzing.

    Pervine was getting text messages about buying marijuana Thursday night, Kentucky State Police spokesman Barry Meadows said. The person sending the messages had the wrong number.

    Ann Greenfield, 34, a teacher at Murray Middle School, is accused of sending the messages and has been charged with conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances within 1,000 feet of a school, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, Meadows said.

    Pervine initially thought the messages were from friends playing a joke, Meadows said. A couple of phone calls put that idea to rest, so Pervine began responding to the messages to set up a meeting, Meadows said.
    When Greenfield arrived at the meeting point, she found Pervine and other law enforcement officers waiting for her, Meadows said.

    "She figured out when she got there it wasn't what she expected," Meadows said.

    Meadows said the situation was a new one to him.
    "Technology got her this time," Meadows said. "She learned her lesson. Program your dealers into your phone."

    Greenfield's status with the Calloway County School system was not immediately available Friday. A message left with the school system was not immediately returned.



  1. Buddah
    Haha! thats like an hour away from me!
  2. Nagognog2
    Ha ha! Maybe she was calling you! See ya in Court!
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