ketamine bust's plus legal info.

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  1. adzket
    as swim's may know india is a major player in the illegal ketamine supply enclosed are two recent articals related to the ketamine bust done buy customes plus it seams that the indians along with china and russia are trying to crack down on illisit imports and exsports.

    DRI busts `K' drug smuggling racket

    G. Anand

    Thiruvananthapuram: The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has busted a racket involved in the smuggling of ketamine hydrochloride, an anaesthetic often abused by youth as a party drug, to Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The DRI has arrested Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 34, a resident of Tamil Nadu, in connection with the incident.

    According to the DRI, Jinnah was intercepted while attempting to fly to Colombo from the international airport here on Saturday morning. Nearly 20.5 kg of the drug, valued at nearly Rs.4 crores, was seized from the baggage submitted for security and Customs check in the name of Jinnah, an official said. The drug was skilfully concealed in packets of flour and oats. Three of Jinnah's fellow travellers were arrested the same day on the charge of smuggling Indian star tortoises, a protected wildlife species, to Colombo.

    The drug, which is often used as an anaesthetic, is easily available in India. The DRI suspects that certain private laboratories and hospitals were illegally diverting the drug for sale in the street as a narcotic substance.

    According to a website on drug enforcement, Ketamine is known as "K" or "Ket" in the streets of Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, the United States and Bangkok. The website reports that the abuse of ketamine as a "party drug" has been on the increase among the youth in these countries. The bulk of the drug is sourced from India and often orders are placed through "shadowy" pharmaceutical companies that advertise their products on the Internet. Ketamine is distributed at "rave" parties in the West.

    Another website on the abuse of Ketamine says that the drug causes "dissociation in the user and its effects range from rapture and paranoia to extreme boredom." High doses of the drug could knock the user into a coma.

    An official of the Narcotic Control Bureau said instances of abuse of ketamine has been "far and few" in India. However, there were unconfirmed reports that the abuse of ketamine along with another chemical known as "ecstasy" was on the increase among the urban middle class in some parts of the country. The Narcotic Drugs and Psychothropic Substances (NDPS) Act in India do not cover Ketamine. Hence, the DRI has booked Jinnah on the charge of violating the Customs Act, an official said.

    The seizure of ketamine by the DRI has prompted various enforcement agencies to take a hard look at the current drug abuse pattern in Kerala.

    50 kg of ketamine seized for first time

    Special Correspondent

    Customs officials took a few hours to identify the right consignment
    CHENNAI: For the first time, Customs officials at the Sea Port seized 50 kg of Ketamine Hydrochloride from a consignment meant for export to Malaysia and arrested one person. They are on the look-out for another person.

    C. Rajan, Commissioner of Customs, Sea Port, said several seizures were effected by the enforcement agencies such as the Customs and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence at airports in south India, but the quantity of Ketamine never exceeded 25 kg. At the airport too, the highest quantity seized in a single concealment was not more than 25 kg.

    There has been a great demand for the drug, especially in some Southeast Asian countries where it has been banned and is used as a party drug. Though it is made in several countries, the drug manufactured in India is said to be of the best quality. Hence, there is a great demand for the Ketamine from India, Customs officials said.

    The drug is manufactured in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. A small quantity is pilfered from the manufacturing units. After gathering a sizeable quantity, smugglers try to take it out the country through airports and seaports. However, the enforcement agencies are unable to pinpoint the places from where the drug is procured, a Customs officer said.

    Even in the case of the present seizure, Customs officials took a few hours to identify the right consignment. When they opened the compressors, they were surprised by the ingenuity of the smugglers: they concealed the drug in four compressors. The hollow portions in the compressors were covered with an aluminium cylinder, which was welded inside.

    with all these bust's of late in india it's self it seams like they are trying to crack down on it leaving the country. so it does not get them into trouble when it arives on foragin shores. wether this has any thing to do with them holdin the comonwelth games next year swim is not shure, but it seams like they are wanting to try something.

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  1. Piglet
    If you replace ethylamine (less suspicious in any case) for methylamine in the synthesis of ketamine, you end up with a legal and STRONGER drug. I guess it will only be a matter of time. Of course, you can also replace the chloro with a bromo (dunno about the iodo version) so there is a lot chemists can do to side-step the law.
  2. Noobsly
  3. Piglet
    Controlled and not as nice as K.
  4. podge
    Whats the name of this drug Piglet? And has anybody sampled it, would be very interesting to hear reports on how it resembles or differs from Ketamine.
  5. adzket
    this would better disscused in the disactive forum or in rc's forum under rc's like ketamine where things like mk-801 have been disscused before.
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