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  1. Phenoxide
    K_bottles.jpg Ketamine, the horse tranquiliser used as a party drug, is to be upgraded to a Class B banned substance.

    Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said he hoped to send a message that the drug was harmful.

    Ketamine will be reclassified from Class C to B in the face of mounting evidence over its physical and psychological dangers. Evidence has emerged of users as young as 20 having their bladders removed due to heavy consumption of the drug.

    Reclassification will mean the maximum penalty for unlawful possession of ketamine will increase from two to five years in jail, while the maximum penalty for trafficking offences will continue to be 14 years imprisonment.

    But speaking at a drug treatment centre in west London, Mr Baker said: "I'm not sure in the very long term that the present system is a perfect one for drug control.

    "What I do think is in the short term there's a message that needs to be sent on ketamine. In terms of where we're going in 20 or 30 years time, in terms of the optimum method of minimising drug use then I'm not sure.

    "It certainly after all hasn't stopped drug use by classification. But what it does do is send a message to those who are interested.

    "You have to assume some drug users actually care about their bodies, therefore saying to them this is more dangerous than that, what they will take into account and what they will actually do."

    The confirmation that it would be upgraded came after the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, the government's advisory body, said new evidence had shown frequent ketamine use could cause "severe and disabling" bladder damage.

    Home Office figures released last summer indicated that in the previous year about 120,000 people aged 16-59 in England and Wales had taken ketamine.

    BBC News
    12th February 2014


  1. saskom
    I always thought ketamine was cat tranquilizer?
  2. sh0rno
    Although I know ketamine is dangerous and addictive if used heavily and regularly, I hate the way the UK government keeps saying that they're changing drug laws to "send a message".

    They don't change many other laws to send their "messages" - If drug laws exist they should be about protecting people from harm, not victimising recreational users and addicts. I think if someone is properly addicted to ketamine then they should receive help/rehab, not a prison sentence/fine/probation. And non-addicts shouldn't be prosecuted any more harshly for possession, nearly every ketamine user I know is a "weekend" user, not addicted and no danger to anyone (apart from themselves).

    I understand why they've done it, they want to send "a message" that ketamine is dangerous if abused. Sorry to bring up a cliche, but alcohol and tobacco both have similar danger profiles: ie. they are all very dangerous if used regularly for long periods of time, but pose little immediate danger if used occasionally, even when used excessively.

    They are basically saying "OK yeah, we added K to the class B list, so that means some people that use it will stop because they don't want to go to prison" (absolute bollocks).

    What they should be doing IMO, is saying "OK, we have a problem with ketamine addicts in this country, let's fund a treatment program where we can help them get off K, and hopefully then they will get a job/house/car and contribute some more to society."

    EDIT: ^^Yeah a lot of people call K a "tranquiliser" when technically it's a [dissociative] anaesthetic. I wish people would stop calling it a "tranquiliser" as it's a bit of a blanket term, it's ambiguous. For example, someone in a K-Hole could be described as tranquilised, so could someone that had drunk too much or taken too much diazepam or heroin... 4 different classes of drugs, all producing a "tranquilised" effect, go figure...
  3. Joe-(5-HTP)
    So Ketamine is now officially as harmful as cannabis and amphetamines.

    Good job 'scientists' of the ACMD. What a great message.

    Perhaps move to the 'funny shit' forum?

    Of course they are right that chronic ketamine use has some serious dangers which people need to be aware of. But the idea of using the ABC class system to bring anything to anyone's attention goes way beyond ludicrous. It is actually an insult.

    Cannabis = class B
    Amphetamine = class B
    LSD = class A
    MDMA = class A

    100% politicised unscientific stupidity. If they really want people to 'listen' to them then they should stop affiliating themselves with such garbage.
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