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Kevin "Elmo" Clash Sued Over Crystal Meth Sex Party Allegations

  1. Rob Cypher
    Kevin Clash, formerly the voice of Elmo, has been sued by a man who claims that the longtime Sesame Street puppeteer lured him to crystal meth sex parties as a minor, TMZ reports.

    The alleged victim, Sheldon Stephens, says he was 16-years-old when he first met Clash at a social networking function for actors. Stephens claims that they began a sexual relationship soon after.

    On one occasion, Stephens alleges that Clash lured him to his New York apartment via a chauffeured limousine. While there, Stephens claims Clash smoked meth; he also claims that Clash gave him poppers to enhance the sexual experience.

    What is perhaps most disturbing of the allegations is the part where Stephens claims the chauffeur masturbated while he and Clash had sex. When Stephens first accused Clash of abusing him when he was a minor, the two parties came to a settlement. But Stephens disavowed it because it included a provision requiring him to say that he made the allegations up.

    The settlement money was never paid, thus Stephens’ lawsuit.

    Clash resigned from Sesame Street after several other men claiming child abuse surfaced. At last count, three adults have come forward to claim that Clash sexually abused them as children.

    March 19, 2013



  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Oh gosh, this is going to turn into a Jimmy Saville thing, isn't it? A celebrity on a kids show that ends up molesting hundreds (or is it thousands now?) of kids.

    I don't really get how the most disturbing thing was the driver masturbating. Uh, no, the most disturbing thing was that an adult had sex with 16 year old, multiple times, multiple teenagers.

    Good for him for not agreeing to take the money and stay quiet. If it were me I probably would have just taken the money. I wouldn't want to be forever known as "that girl the elmo guy fucked/raped." I think him not taking the money gives him that much more credibility.
  2. sloop j. b
    I don't really get how the most disturbing thing was the driver masturbating. [/QUOTE]

    Right? I mean, just imagine him using the elmo voice durring these sessions....creepy
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