Kids Discover New "Gateway" Drug, Smarties

By chillinwill · Mar 21, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Doctors are warning kids across the country to stop "smoking Smarties" -- a fad they say can lead to infections, chronic coughing, choking and even maggots feeding off sugary dust in your nose.

    Adolescents and teens have been crushing and inhaling candy, and then exhaling it, in an effort to look as though they’re smoking cigarettes, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

    Countless youths have even posted how-to videos, like this one on YouTube, of themselves engaging in this behavior.

    Health experts fear the behavior may lead to harmful conditions. Some kids have already shown signs of developing a “smoker’s cough.” Oren Friedman, a Mayo Clinic nose specialist, cautioned that frequent use could lead to infections or even worse, albeit rare, conditions, such as maggots inside the nose.

    The trend came as a surprise to officials at Summit Middle School in Frisco, Colo., in the fall when a clique of sixth graders started “smoking” Smarties -- a popular, disk-shaped sugar candy.

    Though they call it “smoking,” the kids aren’t actually lighting a match to the candy. Instead, they crush it into a fine powder in its wrapper, draw it into their mouths and then blow it out in a cloud of dust.

    The fad worries Corinne McGrew, the school nurse at Summit School District. "My biggest concern was that they would aspirate the wrapper or a whole Smarties and it would be a choking hazard," she told the Wall Street Journal.

    The problem is happening all over the country — and Smarties isn’t the only candy of concern, said Eric Ostrow, vice president of sales and marketing at Ce De Candy Inc., which manufactures Smarties in Union, N.J.

    “It can be done with anything made with sugar and compressed — Necco Wafers, Conversation Hearts, SweeTarts, Lik-M-Aid is already pulverized and so is Pixy Styx,” Ostrow told the Journal. “I don’t want to be complimented that we’re the number one choice.”

    Friday, March 20, 2009
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  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    that video, although cause for concern, is hilarious. This suggests to me that a lot of kids are just hell bent on being destructive and doing stupid things. It's not the drugs that are the problem, its the kids.
  2. Herbal Healer 019
    Is this the begining of the war on smarties?

    Next we'll hear the sad stories of countless children's lives being ruined by becoming addicted & getting the infamous "maggot nose" through the mainstream media followed by loads of propaganda about how bbbbbad smarties are, yet alcohol and tobacco will still remain legal forever.
  3. Synchronium
    I'm going to stock up on them while they're still legal...
  4. Grabnar

    lol @maggot nose that one was good
    lets bulk order quick so we can make money later? who do i call hersheys?
  5. OsCarwild
    Well, I don't quite know what to say about this new epidemic that is apparently ravaging our nation's youth, but one thing is for certain, if these kids get started "smoking" the smarties they will have trouble learning how to smoke anything else for the rest of their lives... And why would they want to post videos showing other people how to do it? Seems like they would want to be the only ones that know how so that when people see them do it they would seem EVEN COOLER.
  6. enquirewithin
    I'm not sure how seriously to take this!
  7. expertergaz
    lmao i carnt stop laffin! i can just imagine the headlines after being banned if so of course (young boy found with 200 tubes of smarties police rekon it was a street value of 10 million pounds) the young thug had been selling them in the local play group! all the kids were so hyper they had to hav an extra hour for there afernoon nap!
  8. enquirewithin
  9. Sven99
    Doubtless it'll become more popular now the press have publicised it.
  10. enquirewithin
    Have you heard about toddlers smoking jelly babies?:(
  11. Yetti
    HAHA! Someone should buy these kids some real cigarettes, at least they don't encourage maggots in the nose...
  12. Natedogg8922
    Im still in a little bit of awe after watching that video, I dont know how to take that. Whats next?
  13. Cuberun
    Ahh good old fox news!
  14. Potter
    Look it up, there's a TON of these on YouTube, often along side of videos of kids chugging soda. I'm not sure what it all means but it CAN'T be good.
  15. Kelveren
    No one mentioned the fact that they're probably getting candy in their lungs. That can't be good.
  16. sandoz1943
    SWIM has a pocket full o Smarties. She's gonns make a killing at 3:30 when school lets out. She's going to use the money to buy some cheese and go cheesing. See ya at the Breastriary in Nippopolis! :crazy
  17. Craving
    AW: Kids Discover New "Gateway" Drug, Smarties

    In Germany smarties are chocolate drops. Swim doesn' think that you can smoke chocolate drops. That's why my question is: What kind of candies are smarties in the USA???
  18. Kelveren
    In the US Smarties are basically compressed sugar pellets.
  19. honourableone
    That makes sense, I was wondering how they managed it. In England smarties have a sugar coating, but there is chocolate inside. I doubt this will last long, kids can be stupid, plain and simple. They will get bored and move onto something else soon. This is less stupid than other such things, for example in my area there was a big issue about kids running in front of trains while being filmed. My friend's cousin's cousin died this way.
  20. Craving
    AW: Re: Kids Discover New "Gateway" Drug, Smarties

    Thanks for explanation :)
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