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Kindergartener brings $500 worth of heroin for show-and-tell

  1. VagabondWraith
    Kindergartener brings $500 worth of heroin for show-and-tell

    What was the most interesting thing you ever brought in for show-and-tell? A bunny? A toy car?

    Whatever it was, a five-year-old boy put you to shame Monday, when he showed up to school with 500 dollars worth of heroin to show his kindergarten class.

    The Connecticut Post reports that the boy arrived at school with his step-father’s jacket, from which he pulled “10 small plastic bags, each containing five folds of heroin,” according to the police, for show-and-tell.

    Unfortunately, he never got past the show part. The teacher promptly confiscated the heroin. It is not entirely clear what the child planned to say for the telling part of the exercise.

    Shortly thereafter, the student’s step-father, Santos Roman, showed up at the school “frantically” looking for his kid and the jacket. Instead, he found the drugs had confiscated by the police, who arrested him.


  1. ExpandYourOutlook
    Gotta put that shit in a lockbox or something if you got kids what a fucking dumbass
  2. Zhekarius
    I read things like this and think to myself ..."how the hell did this guy manage to raise a kid for this long without doing something else insanely stupid that would have had the same end result, let alone have a kid in the first place?" Then I tell myself... "Just remember the movie Idiocracy and it will all become clear."
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