Kirk Hallam man tells Advertiser: 'legal high could have killed me'

By chillinwill · May 2, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A KIRK Hallam man who took controversial drug mephedrone for the first time this month had to have 22 stitches after it 'burnt a hole' in his bowels.

    Thomas Hay bought the drug from a dealer for £30 in Ilkeston on April 7 as a legal high and snorted two lines of the white powder the same night.

    The next morning he said he was complaining of severe burning pains in his stomach when he collapsed into the Last Orders Inn in Fullwood Street.

    The landlady immediately called for an ambulance and he was taken to the A&E at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham.

    Surgeons had to make a six-inch-long incision into his stomach to operate and Thomas now has to take 33 tablets a day for the pain and so that he can get rid of fluids from his body.

    For the full story see this week's Advertiser.

    By Dave Wade
    April 29, 2010
    Ilkeston Advertiser

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  1. John Doe
    What in the world is this?

    Before any actual facts come out about this case, does anything think this is one step too far for sensationalist reporting or would you honestly think this guy could possibly have had a hole burned through his bowels from insuflating two lines of Mephedrone?

    The mind boggles o_O
  2. gammabetalactone
    Either the guys a liar or he plugged it and didn't want to the country to know he shoves drugs up his ass.
  3. Paradox
    This is a hoax. The question is whether this paper is perpetrating the hoax, or the individual is. It's clearly a satire of some sort.

    Any chemical which would burn a hole in the bowels would also burn the nose. The guy had some sort of abdominal surgery, and made up that it was caused by mephedrone. Alternatively, he had a weak pre-existing spot in his bowel, and it ruptured when he was doing whatever he did while on mephedrone.
  4. Paradoxical Frog
    This is an odd one, but I'm inclined to agree with the notion that it's a hoax or a horrible coincidence - not unlike the Brighton girl who was alleged to have died from taking mephedrone but then turned out to have died of pneumonia. He may have taken mephedrone the night before and then suffered from this horrific bowel condition the next day, but that doesn't mean that the two are necessarily linked - it's just convenient that the press can link the two to further their agenda and print more scare stories.

    It's almost akin to me saying that one day 14 years ago I had a glass of orange juice. The next day I woke up with severe appendicitis and had to be rushed into hospital. Ergo, the orange juice caused my appendicitis!!
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