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Kobe eyes tattoo ban at Suma beach after marijuana case

By Spucky, Sep 6, 2010 | | |
  1. Spucky
    Kobe eyes tattoo ban at Suma beach after marijuana case

    The Kobe municipal government is considering banning people with tattoos from a beach in Suma Ward following the recent arrests of college students for alleged marijuana possession during a music event at the beach, city officials said.

    The city office intends to come up with a concrete plan during this year, including establishing the rule by ordinance, but banning tattooed people from a public beach is a rare case in Japan as most tattoo bans are for commercial facilities such as saunas. The envisaged ban may prompt controversy over its possible violation of the freedom of expression as tattoos are becoming increasingly fashionable with young people, critics say.

    ‘‘It is our duty to make a safer environment for the citizens,’’ said a city official as senior officials of the city and Hyogo prefectural police are set to form a special team to work out details such as ways to restrict entrance to the beach.

    Suma beach saw the lowest number of visitors in 25 years this summer, with about 620,000 people in 46 days. Some citizens have told the city office that they ‘‘hesitate to go near the beach’’ amid an increase in young people with tattoos, the officials said.

    The city enforced an ordinance with a penalty in 2008 that forbids loud noise on the beach during nighttime, yet about 70 music events were held this summer.

    source: http://japantoday.com/category/national/view/kobe-eyes-tattoo-ban-at-suma-beach-after-marijuana-case


  1. godztear
    They bust people for having pot...so their logic is to ban people with tattoos? For some reason I find it hard to believe that the officials have made that connection. Tattoos are a large part of many different cultures, and is definitely not specific to marijuana smokers.
  2. Spucky
    AW: Kobe eyes tattoo ban at Suma beach after marijuana case

    I don't think they speak about tiny tribal Tattoos,
    more about the Yakuza-Style, but who knows,
    they are really crazy here :confused:
  3. Potter
    I have a dancer friend from Japan and he has tattoos. He said that if he was found to have tattoos in Japan, he'd never dance there again. For a Japanese person to have a tattoo implies they are involved in organized crime.

    I should point out that Dancing is a pretty conservative profession to begin with and this in no way should reflect on the general consensus of Japanese people. Though I'd suspect among the older portion of the population, the link between tattoos and crime is a black and white issue.
  4. Yail Bloor
    Holy fuck really? God bless Canada I suppose... never thought I'd say that, but really? Banning people for being inked? Wouldn't that be kind of like banning a certain haircut?
  5. fatal
    exactly. everyone knows all people with shaved heads are criminals after all. :rolleyes: only old middle to upper class citizens need to go to the beach anyways. this is japan we're talking about after all, not ancient mongolia. theyre civilized. cant be having young people at the beach. who wants to go to the ocean if you get mugged by tatooed gang members every time...

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