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  1. Octadelic
    I had never heard of kratom until I read about it here. I'm quite intrigued. I use opiates for chronic pain and have recently had a huge spike in pain that led to a switch to fentanyl then off fentanyl onto oxycontin.

    The roller coaster ride seems to have twisted the volume up to high on my tolerance. I'm frustrated to have finally found a medication combo that is working only to have it not be "enough". I'm terrified to tell my doctor, I don't want to do anything that might risk the relief I am getting. In the past (and I've read others have) I've taken a break from opiates to try to decrease my tolerance back down. I keep trying to take mini breaks hoping to get more effectiveness from the opiates but if anything it seems to be backfiring.

    After learning about and reading of others experiences of kratom, I've decided to try it. I read the "how to buy some without getting swindled or killed" thread (name changed to protect the identity of those involved (not really.... I just don't remember it)), and did some quick google searches to find a few sites to order from. One of the packages is due today. I'm excited to try it. I used poppy pod tea for a while a few years back and wonder if it's similar.

    I'm posting this in my blog because I'm assuming that this sort of post is marginally acceptable in the regular threads given that there isn't a new thought anywhere near it. I'm also hoping to update as my experiences allow. I'm happy to hear from others and welcome any suggestions, questions, thoughts, or comments.



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