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  1. Octadelic
    Here is how my first order of Kratom arrived (vendor specific information removed). I was surprised at how small these bags are. I used to buy puer and oolong tea from a company that sourced out of Tiawan and it was packaged similarly.

    I just took 1 tsp. of maeng da mixed into a tapioca pudding. (it's all I had on hand) meaning the tsp. and the tapioca. When I go out today I'll look for a scale that can measure small amounts and get a respectable chocolate something for mixing. Tapioca.. geesh.

    Saying this is day 1 is a bit of a fib as I tried 1/2 tsp. last night. I did a half assed job and just used my kurig to make it into a tea. It was terrible. Reminded me a lot of ppt. I sipped it for a while then finally just chugged it. I didn't really feel any effect so we will see if there is a difference today. On the bright side, "no effect" includes no nausea too which can be a real drag with ppt, and I've heard it can with the kratom too.

    I'm realizing now that the two online vendors I found and ordered from may not be the leaders in the industry they first appeared to be. After reading more on the Kratom forum, I did a search for kratom vendor reviews and found a whole new list of vendors that didn't show up in my initial searches and no wonder, the names had nothing at all to do with kratom (at least in my beginners mind) I'll order from different vendors next time.

    So far I have three strains and one enhanced product in my stash. Depending on how things go, perhaps I'll try a different strain tomorrow, or this evening. One of them is supposed to be a relaxing one, so I don't want to take that during the day, just in case.

    I should be getting my shipment from the second vendor today.

    More soon....


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