Kratom First Time Experience

By tramster · Aug 21, 2010 · ·
  1. tramster
    Been hearing good things about Kraton so swim decided to give it a try as he has been looking to something to replace Tramadol on his breaks from it.

    Kratom seemed to fit the bill, being both stimulating and having opiate-like effects, much like Tramadol.

    Swim did some research and found a good supplier then purchased 25g of Premium Bali Powdered Leaf which wasn't that expensive. He didn't want to splash out too much on the more expensive Kratom extracts until he'd given it a proper try.

    Some people find the different Kratom leaf types and formats confusing. Many people get confused over Kratom extracts which are indicated by a number (i.e. 10x, 15, 20x) they and assume these numbers indicate potency. The numbers are nothing to do with potency, it's simply the extraction ratio of the plant. To give an example, "5g Kraton 15x extract resin" contains 15g of Kratom in every gram of the resin. So in this case, the 5g resign would be the equivalent of 75g raw plant leaf. This enables you to use much less of it to get the same effect.

    Anyway back the experience report..

    Swim decided to be cautious and try a small low-to-moderate dose of the Kratom so measured out 5g into a cup. The best way to take kratom leaf seems to be as a tea, so swim added some boiling water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. He then strained the tea through a coffee filter. The tea was bitter, but not as bad as swim imagined and he was able to drink it without any problem.

    After about 15 minutes swim began to feel stimulated. It wasn't like a rush or any euphoria, instead it was more like a caffeine stimulation. Swim felt mentally uplifted and energetic. The room seemed brighter, and some lethargy and tiredness that swim had earlier, disappeared. The experience did not increase any over the next 30-40 minutes but remained constant.

    At this point swim decided to eat the leaf gunk residue from the filter by spreading it onto two slices of toast with some peanut butter. This wasn't too bad either and swim was able to eat it without gagging.

    After about 40-50 minutes swim felt a much more pronounced rush than the earlier tea experience. This felt more like an opiate buzz, a warm tingling and wave of mild euphoria. Swim noticed his body temperature increased a bit but he didn't look flushed or anything, his skin just slightly warmer.

    The level of buzz was about the same as swim experiences on 50mg of Tramadol. The peak effect was reached fairly quickly from the initial onset and lasted about maybe 2 hours or so. Not as long as swim expected. However the uplifting and energising effect lasted maybe 4 hours and swim was able to work easier.

    For such a low dose, swim was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Swim would like to try 10g next time, but wouldn't fancy eating 10g of leaf. Even in capsules you'd need to swallow 24 caps!

    Swim will look at getting extract next time and using it in capsules, that way he would only need to take 1 or 2 capsules to get the same quantity Kratom.

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  1. kailey_elise
    I wonder if one were to powderize 10gm of leaf (coffee grinder, maybe?), would they be able to mix it into, say, a milkshake & chug it down.

    I've heard lots of people say they don't get as good effects when encapsulated as they do from Toss N' WashTM. Girlie's experiences are from far too long ago & with methadone in the equation to be of any use, even if she could remember. ;)

  2. kailey_elise
    *double post because of a server hiccup*
  3. tramster
    Hello Kailey, I personally think eating 10g of leaf might be a bit unpleasant but I suppose it's do-able. It's much better to get the extract resin I think that way you only need a little tiny bit melted it into a hot drink or swallowed to get the effects of 15 or 20g of leaf.

    I can see no reason why encapsulating the powdered leaf should diminish the effects if taken on an empty stomach but I guess as they say, the proof is in the swim will try and consume some and report back a comparison to the earlier experience.
  4. kailey_elise
    Be cautious about getting the 'Krypton' brand of Kratom's actually a Tramadol metabolite! Do a search on the Forum for "Krypton" if you need more info.

    Could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how one looks at it! ;) It's something like, o-desmethyltramadol or something - it's what Tramadol turns into once it's in your body, & is more potent that Tramadol itself.
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