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  1. Octadelic
    It's been a little over a week that I've been using Kratom. I can definitely feel when I'm on it. The energy is GREAT! I don't really feel any effects on mood... which is good and bad really. With my painkillers, I can get pretty bitchy. I've had a chance to try several strains and have received my order from a third vendor. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, although I did take the hint from threads here and requested some samples. They were happy to throw a few in. I also ordered a lot less and several kinds ( I have 7 10g samples from this vendor to try) All in all, I'd say it's been a successful experience. It's not been completely foreign to me though, as I've used ppt(poppy pod tea) in the past and the taste/texture is similar.

    Some pro's and con's:

    * I LOVE the energy and I love that less is more to get an energy boost. (use less to get an energetic effect and more to get a sedative effect)
    * It's legal
    * It works to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms
    * It's easy to find (and if you do a little sleuthing and pay attention to what you read here on the forums, you can figure out how to buy smart as well as easy)
    * I've figured out how to mix it into chocolate milk in such a way that it's just like drinking a slimfast, masks the taste beautifully.
    * Not deadly

    * Tastes worse than poppy pod tea. (yeah... that bad)
    * Expensive
    * Messy to make into tea
    * I've not experienced any euphoric effect
    * Builds opioid tolerance

    Tune in next time for an exciting look at "Tea vs. not tea" and "How the hell do you measure 5g's"


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