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KY Toddler Struggling To Live After Eating Sulfuric Acid Used To Make Crystal Meth

  1. Rob Cypher
    A 2-year old child from Ohio County, Kentucky remains in critical condition after ingesting sulfuric acid her mother, 20-year old Racheal Arroyo, and her mother’s boyfriend, 23-year old Jared McStoots, used to make meth; the child has severe caustic burns on her lips and in her mouth and esophagus.

    According to Tristate homepage.com, the couple waited 6-hours before bringing the child to an Owensboro hospital for treatment, where the doctors assessed the child, sent her to Kosair Hospital in Louisville, and notified the police.

    McStoots and Arroyo were brought in for questioning and the police determined that the child swallowed the sulfuric acid drain opener, AKA Liquid Fire, that McStoots had measured out to make meth.

    The couple has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, endangerment to a child and wanton endangerment; more charges are possible.

    Jane Rouen
    WIDK (Wish I Didn't Know)
    June 10, 2013



  1. Diverboone
    Re: KY Toddler Struggling To Live After Eating Sulfuric Acid Used To Make Crystal Met

    This is pure negligence of the parents, and they should pay the price, if the facts are as stated. I wish this was the only incident such as this, but it's not. I know of a case just like this that happened in my area in 2001. Luckily enough the doctors performed an amazing job for the little girl I knew.
    It's the acts of people like this couple are what paints a picture of the all, in society. The only fitting punishment for these two, is for each to take them a good drink of H2SO4. But that would only result in a greater cost to society by being burdened with more unpaid medical bills.
  2. _drac_
    Re: KY Toddler Struggling To Live After Eating Sulfuric Acid Used To Make Crystal Met

    Your society just likes to blame everything on drugs...
    Does it matter what was the purpose of that sulfuric acid in that house?
    Maybe they just wanted to clean their fking toilet? which is the main reason why that product is made for?
    It is a simple parental negligence case why should prosecutors need to connect methamphetamine to this?
    Maybe because that way they can have a big and ugly case so they can ripe the rewards from the population after they put away this two idiots for a very long time...
    Oh of course, what else one can expect from a state like Kentucky?
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