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Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs: huge consignment of drugs seized in Osh (Kyrgyzs

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs: huge consignment of drugs seized in Osh (Kyrgyzstan)

    The police have seized a huge consignment of drugs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KR reported.

    Officers say the net weight of seized drugs made up more than 24 kg.
    Drugs from Afghanistan have been recovered in raids across Osh city. The officers seized two cardboard boxes with hashish in one of the high-rise houses on Masaliev Street. The drug smugglers have also prepared plastic bags and sticky tape for drugs packing.

    Reportedly, the officers from anew established Central Administration of drug trafficking control are called to detect and suppress illegal drug trafficking.

    The force said six significant recoveries of drugs were made in Osh city for the last months.

    In the past months the force has seized significant consignment of drugs (more than 33 kg of heroin and hashish) and arrested a number of drug dealers in Kyrgyzstan.

    11/03-2010 09:57,
    Bishkek – News Agency “24.kg”



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