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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    The La Crosse Common Council reverses its decision on possession of small amounts of marijuana.

    LA CROSSE - The La Crosse Common Council reverses its decision on possession of small amounts of marijuana.

    Last Thursday, the council voted to decriminalize possession of less than 25 grams of the drug by any first time offender. It would become a minor municipal violation accompanied by a fine.

    Supporters of the idea say it gives police and prosecutors the discretion to charge violators with either a criminal or municipal offense. The police chief has advised against decriminalization. The ruling reverses a common council decision from just two days earlier. La Crosse Police Chief Ed Kondracki says it sends a bad message -- that marijuana is of no more consequence than being ticketed for skateboarding in a parking garage.



  1. godztear
    And so it begins.

    Considering that the decision reversed a former ruling, how likely is it that the measure gets reversed again or is it final now?
  2. veritas.socal
    kudos to all the people who got that done there. wi is somewhat liberel in their laws, but its definitely a first step. the only two people swim knows from there are definitely space travelers( and, sk, mb, that was a compliment if u read D.F., which i doubt.)
    swim thinks its about time a few rulings be reversed, especially those such as these
    incedently, anyone hear that if prop 19 passes there will be a lottery and only 4 people will be able to bank??? swim heard this at a prop19 gathering
  3. veritas.socal
    swim is stoned. swim meant that he heard that the city will have a drawing of names(each who allegedly had to put up a million in cash as a bond) and only 4 legal dispensaries will exist, aside from medical
    swim is reitterating that he heard this, not read it
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