LA Times: What It's Like to Buy Medical Marijuana

By Expat98 · May 4, 2008 · ·
  1. Expat98
    From the LA Times last week:,0,522132.column

    And a followup article this week:,1,4694379.column

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  1. ejbot
    swim wishes he lived in california ^_^
  2. entheogensmurf
    Sexy articles. I hope it enlighten and awakens at the very least a few minds.

    It's painfully amusing that someone must state:
    I have a large amount of empathy towards the feeling generated from:
    The DEA ruins the lives of many of whom I would consider decent people, expanding beyond medicinal marijuana users. I associate them with an Islamic country that preaches peace and an air of tolerance to all but snatch you from your abode if you are not Muslim, gifting with multiple lashes or execution

    I've read about and watched opposer's of marijuana and medical marijuana specifically; their eyes, ears and minds are open to anything but valid medical research, critical thinking and pro-marijuana citizen opinion. Not that this is anything new to most but I felt like babbling as usual.
  3. nEone
    The fight for Medical MJ in CA is really an amazing thing.

    Dispensaries are wildly variable experiences. Some are very clearly just extensions of long established drug cartels - shady gruff folks behind slapped together wooden counters with cash on their mind. Russian mobsters, South Central hoods, collegiate dealers.

    There are other dispensaries that are rooted in the 60's - beaded curtains, leafy clones, and long wooden bars decorated with Greatful Dead ticket stubs, hosts talking about compassion.

    And then there are the Medical oriented co-ops - with staff in lab coats, and clean class counters and bright fluorescent lighting. Crystalline buds magnified with giant lenses - every gram in its own glass vial.

    Regardless of variation in themes though - one thing remains constant - every employee, every vendor, every grower, and every patient with their name on file is standing up and showing the world that there is a different way to treat marijuana - and it's working.
  4. Expat98
    These articles are an eye opener for me. I didn't realize how easy it is to get medical marijuana in California. :thumbsup:

    Here's another one from the LA Times by a different author:

  5. beentheredonethatagain
    NIK has a medical marijuana card , although now expiered:(, he just has to pay another $150 or so dollars to get a new one.

    and yes it is that easy to buy the smoke once you have the card, just go to the dispensory and show them your I.D. and card, they buzz open a door , you enter , look and examine all the different strains available and make the purchase in cash no check no debit card no credit card, cash only.

    although most dispensories have an atm machine on site.

    after leaving with the store, usually outside , I have been asked by people if I would smoke them out, they hang around like panhandlers askin for change, but these stoners want to smoke. I decline their request. the rules inside on the wall state that you won't share with others and don't smoke outside the store. edit they also ask you not to bring anyone with you waiting in the car, and yes they do have a guard looking and scanning the parking lot .
  6. Shampoo
    Getting a license to procure medicinal marijuana in California is that ubiquitous, however there seem to be some misconceptions about how 'easy' it is. A very close friend of mine, swim, has been running a medicinal marijuana clinic with another close friend for quite some time now, and keeping their heads above water has been less than a simple task. Places like those described in the articles above are being raided on a weekly basis. I hear about doctors and clinics having fed-letters dropped in their mailboxes as often as I hear about them opening. There is a constant flux of scene and context, while only the content (the meds) stays consistent. The people benefiting most are the growers. The close, clinic-running friend has wonderful, positive relationships with a myriad of happy growers, legally turning a state-taxed profit on the production of high-quality medication for the masses. He tells me the breading and growing innovations occurring in the med-scene right now are amazing. There is so much more to the medicinal marijuana movement than grabbing a card, running to the 'farmacy' and buying some cannabis-gelato. There is a deeply intricate, personal world of rational medical treatment for ailments from anxiety and insomnia to nerve-damage pain-mediation, brimming with success. I hope more articles like this get written, with a bit more journalistic vigor and dedication, or swim might have to write one himself...
  7. beentheredonethatagain
    I am a lil lost on this reply , are you saying marijuana is the next cure all drug ? or are you saying medical cannibis is really just a joke?
  8. Shampoo
    I didnt really mean to place an opinion on the legitimacy of medicinal cannabis, which I think has both its merits in pharmacology, social remedy, and recreation, but rather to clarify what seems like a relatively narrow perspective on what med-marijuana has to offer. I'll try to make a little more sense of myself:

    Here, I meant to clarify that though there are flamboyant, neon pot-leaf barring, dyed in the wool legal excuses for a drug dealer, these clinics are few, since they are shut down nearly every weekend. Some clinics have hip-hop music, rasta's with natty dreadlocks and all organic herbs, Grateful Dead posters and the like, and are not afraid to express their support for the recreational use of cannabis. These are the clinics getting raided weekly, being shut down for things like tax evasion, profiteering...etc. Their ostentatious attitude almost always comes back to bite them in the ass. On the other hand, there are some clinics that have been around for 3-4 years, with technicians in lab coats, consistent meds in accurate doses, and discreet parking. These clinics tend to cater to a slightly different crowd, many of the terminally ill, placing an emphasis on non-recreational ingestion of cannabinoids. Most of them will not sell the full, legal-limit in a single visit, partially to discourage dealers from using the clinic as a primary source. These clinics include on-staff doctors that develop true doctor-patient relationships that aid in the progression of healthy dosing. There is simply a far greater range of clinics than those most commonly described as 'legal-dealers' and easy marks for buying 'drugs'. Most dispensaries, despite what seems to be a relatively common conception, do not include a spinning-wheel giveaway from stoned practitioners.
  9. beentheredonethatagain
    the clinics , or I really mean the dispensories sell there product at such a premium that for a dealer to use it as a connection is pretty much a no profit making proposition. there is no profit margin to be had from buying at a dispensory.
  10. Shampoo
    This is moreso true now than it was 2 years ago. A few years back, swim knew more than a few dealers buying their quarter-pounds directly from dispensaries, making a nice profit on primo-ganja. More recently, more respectable dispensaries have been cutting down on the breaks they give at 1/2-ounce and ounce prices, making buying in bulk a barely more efficient purchase than buying in 1/8ths.
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