Lady Smuggles In Heroin For Weekend In Jail, Cellmates Steal It While She Slept

By seaturtle · Dec 26, 2018 · ·
  1. seaturtle
    A woman in North Carolina apparently could not stand even 2 days in jail without bringing a nice stash of Heroin, aka dope, aka smack, aka Mr. Brown Fairydust. She was sentenced for a weekend in jail, and now she will be spending much longer than that in prison for drug possession and smuggling charges.

    Somehow the woman got the Heroin into jail, and the way she got it in there is unknown. It is standard procedure to do a full strip search when entering jail in the United States, a cavity search with flashlights and everything. Maybe the cop who did the search did not expect someone to bring Heroin in for a 2 day sentence and was not thorough. Common places to hide Heroin are in any orifice possible, like the butt, or in the gums.

    Likely this woman spent her first day of jail getting super high and nodding off, bragging about how she has a 2 day jail sentence and she doesn't have to be sober, while the other inmates watched on jealousy, since other inmates don't know when they are getting out AND are certainly not high.

    Heroin is an extremely rare commodity in jail, and if someone were to 'legitimately' buy a dose of heroin in jail it would probably cost 50 bags of chips and an entire week of meal trays. Often in jail, if people have the opportunity, they choose to starve to get the chance to get high.

    As soon as she went to sleep, her 2 cellmates 'stole' the Heroin, a much easier way to get it than trading all of their commissary. Probably the lady who brought it in just brought enough for herself and did not want to trade it. In jail cellmates often steal bags of chips or bars of soap, so there was no chance this lady could have protected her Heroin from imprisoned drug addicts under any circumstances. She did not think this through. If they couldn't have stolen it in the middle of the night, they would have stuck her head in the toilet until she gave it up.

    The 2 women who stole the Heroin were not aware that this was the strongest dope, some real nodding shit, the stuff you take and wake up a day later bent over on the couch with your roommate telling you they are glad you're alive and they had their finger on 911 speed dial the whole time. The 2 women overdosed and got sent to the hospital.

    Now all 3 women have been charged with drug possession in jail, which is a super felony. This lady who got 2 days in jail for the weekend probably now faces extensive prison time, drug court, and probation.

    She really should have just spent 2 days not being high, and saved the Heroin as a treat for when she got home. She might have had some withdrawals if she spent the 2 days not getting high, but nothing extremely serious, and getting high after 2 days without it would have been her best high in a long time. Now she will have to do a serious detox in jail, which involves being locked to the toilet for 3 weeks straight, no sleep, and feeling like death.

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