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By Alfa · Feb 13, 2004 ·
  1. Alfa

    LAGOS -The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Lagos State command made
    its biggest seizure of Marijuana, otherwise known as Indian Hemp recently,
    with a total of about 2,135.5 kilogrammes, parading 12 suspects, from whom
    the seizure were made.

    Addressing reporters in Lagos, the Sector Comman-der, Mr. Abiodun
    Adesola said the seizure, the biggest so far since the command was
    created, was seized from suspects at different locations in Lagos State.

    Adesola said the most popular syndicates in the illicit business seems
    to come from a particular area in the South-south geographical zone,
    networking other areas in the south-west.

    "It was discovered that these large seizures were meant for
    distribution and consumption in Lagos, but the most disturbing aspect
    is that those that bring in these large consignments into Lagos seem
    to come from a particular zone of the country. It is painful that this
    attitude of man's inhumanity to man is seen purely as a business
    venture by this set of people", he said, assuring that the Agency will
    frustrate such destructive venture in whatever form, no matter the
    extent of the disguise.

    Adesola said since the beginning of the year, the Agency had
    re-defined its strategies, repositioned its officers and also
    refocused its operations for greater efficiency.


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