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‘Large and rather elaborate' mushroom growing operation reportedly found

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    STURTEVANT - Two Sturtevant men ran a drug house and were growing hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to the Racine County Metro Drug Unit.

    Drug Unit agents knocked on the back door of the Sturtevant home on Friday. Bradly Kolarik, 31, answered. He and his 20-year-old roommate were arrested, according to a Drug Unit report. Both agreed to speak with law enforcement, the report states.

    The two reportedly told agents they were growing psilocybin mushrooms in their basement. Agents found "a large and rather elaborate" grow operation in the basement, and in other areas of the home agents found finished and dried psilocybin mushroom product.

    In total, agents found 551.4 grams - more than a pound - of mushrooms.
    Kolarik, 31, 9024 Broadway Drive, Sturtevant, is charged with being party to the crimes of manufacturing psilocybin mushrooms and maintaining a drug trafficking place, and with two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping. He was out on a $1,000 signature bond for a June 2009 drunken driving charge at the time.

    Agents said they would submit charges for the roommate at a later date.

    Journal Times staff
    Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 5:55 pm


    COMMENT Somethings not right with the story- the pound must be the dried mushrooms and no mention of the production of the grow? A pound does not constitute a "Large and elaborate" grow. A pound can be produced in 2 1/2 square feet...


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