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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Large opium shipment seized at Montreal's port

    MONTREAL — More than 97 kilograms of opium has been seized at the Port of Montreal.

    The Canada Border Services Agency announced Friday that the narcotics, with an estimated street value of $5 million, were discovered on Wednesday in a shipping container the came from Iran. The container also included furniture and household appliances.

    The opium was found in the panels of a refrigerator, CBSA said.

    "The smuggling of drugs across our border fuels organized crime in Canada, and this government is committed to giving law enforcement the tools they need to make our communities safe. This seizure sends a strong message that those efforts are working," federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said.

    The CBSA carried out 82 opium seizures last year, seizing drugs with an estimated street value of $189 million.

    Canwest News Service
    January 22, 2010



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