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    Laboratory yielded two million euros a year

    The gang who tortured a Scotsman in the Algarve had a 'cannabis' lab, now dismantled by the PJ. It was the largest in Europe.

    The group of four Englishmen who were arrested in the Algarve for the kidnapping and torture of Scotsman James Ross had a sophisticated cannabis laboratory in Sarilhos Grandes, Montijo. The lab dismantled by PJ's National Counter Terrorism Unit (UNCT), was the largest of its kind in Europe. The deal yielded the criminal group two million euros per year.

    Only one of four British detained by the PJ in the Algarve, left at liberty and returned yesterday to the area of Pinhal do Monte, in Sarilhos Grandes, where the lab was located.


    The group allegedly led by John MacLean planted cannabis in plastic cups, which later turned into a drug known as high-quality super skunk. The production was done by an advanced system, based on air conditioners and irrigation, which operated 24 hours and which led to regularly electrical breakdowns. "They said it was the washing machine. Little did I know. Then there pulled a cord and improved a little thing," says the resident and neighbor, Mr. Americo. He also said, that he just wondered about the "black smoke that went regularly out of the chimney.

    The cannabis produced in Montijo was distributed "especially for the UK", said Luis Neves, the director of the DN UNCT. The laboratory was installed a few months ago Montijo.

    James Ross, the man who was tortured by the gang in the Algarve, lost several fingers and an ear. He has been part of the network as a seller of the drug. According to police source, he begun to "exaggerate the profit margin," prompting the network to recruit him for a meeting in the Algarve, where he was tortured almost to death. The torture was to "set an example", and there was also a "personal matter" that led to this revenge, Luis Neves said.

    Source: Translation from a portuguese news article, originall titled: "Laboratório rendia dois milhões de euros por ano", by ROBERTO DORES, RUTE COELHO and MIGUEL FERREIRA, 28 Outubro 2010, DN - Diário de Notícias


  1. Alfa
    This reads and looks like a very interesting chain of events took place. Is there more information about all this? Why was the man tortured? Is there more information and photos from the factory? How much cannabis did they grow? What was the black smoke?
    This video + text will answer some of your questions. It is in english language.

    At the moment I can not find any further information about how much they grew and the reason for the black smoke. I have seen some video footage of the interior of the "factory" on the Portugal news: Tubes, lamps, etc.

    The only additional pic I`ve found from the interior:


    Several videos I found on the web, just show footage from the exterior - really not that interesting.
    As the video is embebbed in the website and I can not link it directly, but if you google:
    PJ desmantelou um dos maiores laboratórios de cannabis da Europa, perto do Montijo + SIC
    it should be the 1st result in the search.

    It really looks much more like an abandoned agricultural housing complex, that anything else.
  3. Alfa
    I seems they produced 4 tonnes of cannabis. The factory does not look very large on the video and certainly does not look as if they could grow 4 tonnes of weed the.
    4 tons? Any source(s) for that info? ATM The portuguese news doesn`t inform anything about quantities. But you are absolutely right by saying:
    "The factory does not look very large on the video and certainly does not look as if they could grow 4 tonnes of weed the."

    hmm...remembers me of a well known song by Public Enemy :laugh:
  5. Alfa
    I could be wrong but the video anchor texts mention 4 tonnes.
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