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Largest Seizure of LSD in Spanish history...

By jgarlopa, Oct 15, 2009 | |
  1. jgarlopa
    Translated from Spanish...

    * * *


    The National Police have disbanded another gang of traffickers that supplied drugs, above all ecstasy and LSD, to private parties celebrated on the island. The operation carried out by the Special Response to Organized Crime Group (Greco in Spanish) of the National Police has resulted in the detention of three people, all of whom have passed before a judge this week. Two of them are British and one Dutch and all are currently in custody, although one could be set free if he posts pail, according to judicial sources.

    The orders were placed from the island or the country of origin of the tourists that would come on vacation to Ibiza, with the object of having the drugs ready upon arrival to Ibiza, informed the Police. The agents of the GRECO of Ibiza intercepted the individuals with 2,000 pressed ecstasy tablets and 10,000 doses of LSD, among other substances.

    The gang bought ecstasy, cocaine, speed, hashish, marijuana, LSD and other drugs from different sources in the illegal market and stored them in their own houses, explains the police. Contact with clients was made by telephone, which is how the delivery points and amounts were found out by police. The traffickers transported the drugs to the delivery point in plastic bags affixed underneath their cars with magnets, in order to hide the stash.

    The GRECO detained the three individuals when they attempted to supply 2,000 ecstasy tablets, which were found together with 25 grams of cocaine distributed in single-dose bags.:cool:



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