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Latino Group Backs Marijuana Legalization in California

  1. Balzafire
    The California chapter of the nation's
    oldest Latino civil rights group has endorsed the November ballot
    proposition that would legalize and tax recreational use of
    marijuana in the state.

    In announcing its support for Proposition 19 Friday, the League
    of United Latin American Citizens of California said that young
    Latinos are disproportionately arrested and charged with possessing
    and cultivating pot.

    State director Argentina Davila-Luevanp says bringing marijuana
    "under the control of the law" also would reduce the violence
    associated with the illegal drug trade in California and Mexico.

    A Public Policy Institute of California polls shows that 63
    percent of likely Latino voters support Proposition 19, compared to
    52 percent of all likely voters in next month's election.

    LULAC joins the California NAACP in backing the initiative.

    by: Tom Tucker


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