Law Enforcement Road Blocking Meth Makers

By Phungushead · Sep 10, 2009 · ·
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    Law Enforcement Road Blocking Meth Makers

    MOULTON- Winning the war against meth has become easier for Lawrence County law enforcement thanks to a new program called Leads-on-Labs.

    Leads-on-Labs is a centralized database that keeps track of who is buying meth ingredients-like pseudoephedrine or ephedrine at large quantities. Investigators say most meth addicts pharmacy hop-meaning they go from one pharmacy to another and buy the limit.

    But now with Leads-on-Labs pharmacists can easily see if a person has purchased the limit at another store by simply swiping their driver's license.

    Tom Arnold, a pharmacist at Steve's Discount Drugs in Moulton says they implemented the system about a month ago. "Leads on Labs has made our job a lot easier," said Arnold. "It's been very beneficial to us. We've had to refuse sale to a number of people because they were red flagged," added Arnold.

    Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell helped get the program implemented. He says Leads-on-Labs was a very expensive program to get installed at all the pharmacies across the county and tie it into their database. However, they were able to pay for it thanks to a grant.

    Sheriff Mitchell says since the program was activated a month ago they've already made cases on six people in the county. "Our goal is to stop the flow of availability of it to our young people and before the drug can make it to our streets," said Sheriff Mitchell.

    Lawrence County and Tuscaloosa County are the only two in the state with Leads-on-Labs. He says it's beneficial for their county but it doesn't stop drug addicts from crossing county lines to get the ingredients they need. "What we can do here in Lawrence county when other counties come online will be enhanced. We just really encourage and are hoping other counties around us will get into this system," said Sheriff Mitchell.

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