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  1. chillinwill
    RALEIGH, NC - State representatives are considering legalizing medical marijuana.

    The Medical Marijuana Act and a separate bill allowing a November referendum on the issue have passed on first reading in the house.

    Next the health committee will debate the matter.

    Bill sponsor Representative Earl Jones, (D) Guilford County, said this measure is a compassion issue to give patients suffering with debilitating illnesses a better quality of life.

    "There is really no excuse for people who have a great deal of pain and suffering to get arrested by law enforcement," said Rep. Jones.

    He's prepared for an uphill battle.

    Minority House Leader Representative Skip Stam, (R) Wake County said, "I have sympathy for the people who need it, but we just can't do it. It would be bad for our young people is marijuana becomes more accesible. If you make it available for medical purposes, it becomes a lot more accesible."

    The bill clearly defines medical purposes. Doctors could prescribe the drug, licensed pharmacies would dispense it and patients would carry an authorization card allowing them carry a small amount of pot.

    Rep. Jones see a double benefit. Medical marijuana would help thousands of patients suffering with cancer, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. He also estimates the regulated growth and sale of cannabis in North Carolina could generate $60 million annually.

    By Kim Genardo
    April 14, 2009


  1. CoryInJapan
    pshhh he said it would be bad for teens because its more available ...

    Atleast where I live Ive seen more teens get cannabis than alcohol since I was in high School.

    But even so,If I was a parent with a teen and he got into something ..I would rather that something be a little bit of herb than the braincell killing legal drug alcohol...or god forbid smoking tobacco.
  2. pyroarchy
  3. Stephenwolf
    though it may become more accessible to teens...it'd be more accessible in a cleaner form, known not to be adulterated (though marijuana rarely is adulterated)
  4. pyroarchy
    Caught this on SWIMs phone, the Marijuana Legalization Endorsment Line, you call them and press "#" after listening to the 30 seconds or so to endorse, once so many have endorsed the bill will bo shown to Obama, saw this on NORML too, so SWIM thinks its legit. Hers the number: 973-409-3274

    If you do not have free long distance phone service, there are many ways on the internet to use free phone services, such as IP RELAY and sorts. Use a popular search engine to find some. :applause::vibes::thumbsup:;)
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