Lawmakers don't touch hallucinogenic herb

By Euphoric · Oct 23, 2007 · ·
  1. Euphoric

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  1. cra$h
    Re: News: Lawmakers don't touch hallucinogenic herb

    ugh.... the legal status of the perfect drug is looking grim...
  2. doppey
    SWIM just hopes any of you that opted to post videos of your legal drug experiences on sites like YouTube reconsider doing so in the future. This goes for DXM or anything we still have the luxury of calling legal.
  3. AntiAimer

    As much as they love it, they'll love it even more when the only way of getting it(if anyway) is through some dealer that has some impure brown and green substance claiming to be (X) drug.:thumbsup:

    Honestly Smurf would enjoy legitimate footage of people under the influence of various drugs, every video he has seen though(that he can remember, maybe 1 or 2 were good but only slightly)are far from a good "Trip Documentary". Smurf can see having fun with it, but not just be stupid just because your already braindead as it is and your just SOOOOOOOOO COOOOL. If done in a (As proper as one can be under the influence way) it could provide harm reduction since it's a LIVE ACTION trip report instead of words on a screen. Some peeps will just see things and will never do it for such and such reasons, which others will inevidably be interested. But then again it's a very bad idea because things like identity(privacy) and all that dog poop.

    The videos and all the publicity has definitely contributed to the process of getting it scheduled(looked at), which others will follow. Some of the videos are a eye opener for drug users since this shows them(if they don't already know)why alot of drugs are illegal. There's no way to stop it from getting to retards.
  4. cra$h
    but watching someone on salvia (to the ignorant) looks the same as someone stoned on marijuana, and all of the concervitives will say anything that makes you hallucinate can be "harmful to you and others" and say shit like your going to jump out a 20 story building because your so high. swim has found that salvia has an anti-deppressant effect on him. if he's upset over something, he can just enjoy some 5x salvia, and realize that life is actually o.k. and he's also found that higher salvia levels can easily be a spirtitual searching, and it seems as if while under the influence, your distorted, and not the world
  5. tip
    Yet they post hundreds of clips on live leak and other sites of people fucked up an alcohol, bloody pub fights, paralytics pissing there pants in the gutter, shocking alcohol related car accidents. But it’s still legal? Then some people fuck around with salvia in there bedrooms on camera talking shit and freaking out, calls for the big bad DEA schedule. What would aliens studying this planet think? Are the DEA trying to start a war? It’s like "look we are fucken stupid exterminate us!!" ohh yeah it is a WAR. :s
  6. cashflow
    no need to ban it anyways, it's obviously not a big deal and doesn't cause much harm, and most people who try it once hate it anyways so theres really no point in my opinion
  7. bloot
    Dextromethorphan could easily be regulated the same way ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are. Therapeutic doses are relatively low compared to what one would use to really get a good high from it. I don't think it would be too hard for them to regulate DXM.
  8. Def
    So why don't people stand up and do what everyone did during prohibition. It's about time to start some sort of revolution.
  9. bloot
    People are standing up.. But it's not going to happen instantly. Shit like this takes time, although I doubt and disagree to drugs being legalized.
  10. Euphoric
    Far, FAR fewer people are fond of salvia compared to alcohol. Plus alcohol is used a religious sacrament by the catholic church. Salvia doesn't have enough supporters. A good defense would be to counter mis-information, when you see articles that are bad, send a letter pointing out there errors and try to speak logically. History, science and words can be your allies.
  11. fnord
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