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Lebanese Agriculture Minister Calls for Cannabis Farming Legalization

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Lebanese Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb Friday called for the legalization of cannabis farming to allow the state to benefit from the revenue of its export, reports Daily Star.

    “We are conducting studies on [how to] organize this type of agriculture so that it becomes monitored by the state, and thus the state can buy the harvest and export it to the countries that need it,” Chehayeb said in a morning interview with a local radio station.

    “This agricultural product is in demand worldwide for pharmaceutical production.”

    Chehayeb also stated that the state should end its war on cannabis farmers and find workable alternatives. “Instead of prosecuting the farmers, let’s find other solutions for them,” he said. “The planting of cannabis must be organized to benefit the state and the industrial sector, and it is one way of helping the farmers.”

    For many poor villages in east Lebanon, the cultivation and sale of marijuana has for decades been the primary source of revenue. Upon pressure by international donors and foreign states, Lebanon flung a crackdown on the farmers after the end of the Civil War.

    Sputnick.com/Dec. 19, 2014
    Photo: The Washington Post
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