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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Fox 2 Found "Cocaine" Substitutes Are Controlled Substance And Covered Under Missouri Law

    Missouri law may already ban a substance first exposed by Fox 2. A former drug user first alerted us to novelty bath salts that he called "10 times stronger than cocaine." Investigator Chris Hayes found the sellers may not be getting around the law after all.

    We first told you about Ivory Wave this past October. We bought it at a St. Louis County smoke shop where a salesman explained how you sniff it. During our investigation, a 29 year old St. Joseph man who was using it, began having hallucinations and shot himself to death.

    Our reports have caught the attention of authorities all across the State, including Bob Welsh from the Missouri Safety Center in Warrensburg who told us, "Many of these new drugs that are showing up are research chemicals these were never meant to be released to the general public."

    How are stores getting away with selling it? They sell it as novelty bath salts.

    We took "Ivory Wave" to the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's office. A toxicologist found a version of the controlled substance Pyrovalerone. It's called Methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV. It's dangerous, but off the government's radar, so it's not listed as a controlled substance. Welsh says Missouri lawmakers already put protections in place for scenarios just like this, by banning analogues of controlled substances. He says this is one.

    Welsh said, "I've talked to Highway Patrol Toxicology lab about Ivory Wave. I've talked to the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs here in Missouri. They are very concerned that the substance MDPV, sold as Ivory Wave is being sold "legally." It's not being sold legally."

    Stores said they pulled Ivory Wave from the shelves when we confronted them. But we soon found they replaced it with another product called Starry Nights. We also took it to Dr. Christopher Long at the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office for testing. He found it's even stronger.

    Dr. Long said, "The one you brought doesn't have anything as a cutting agent."

    In Ivory Wave, he found Pyrovalerone, cut with the drug Lidocaine. In Starry Nights, he found pure Pyrovalerone, a hallucinogen. Long said, "Yes and the length that it's going to act on you is going to be longer and that's going to have more biological affect."

    This is so new that prosecutors haven't seen a case yet, but as we're exposing here in the Fox Files, they should have the power to act, despite attempts by the sellers to hide a potentially dangerous substance inside novelty packages.

    By Chris Hayes
    November 24 2010

    there is a 2 1/2 minute news video clip embedded on the story linked above


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: "Legal High" May Already Be Banned

    Dangerous drug still legal and available at St. Louis stores

    St. Louis (KSDK) -- It's toxic, it's harmful and it can be fatal. That's the word from the St. Louis County medical examiner's office after taking a look at new drug now on the market and still legal.

    Wednesday NewsChannel 5 sent an intern named Mark into Nights of Rave Smoke Sensations on Page Avenue in Overland. In two minutes, 31 seconds, without being carded, without being warned of its effects, Mark had bought what's branded here as Starry Nights, elsewhere as Ivory Wave, and in other places Ivory Coast, Purple Wave or Vanilla Sky.

    But don't forget what we told you they call it at the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office.

    Dr. Christopher Long said after learning about the powder substance marketed as bath salts, he brought it into the lab, and tests showed it doesn't have a single ingredient written on the package, but rather:

    "One was lidocaine, which you've probably had if you've had any dental work or tooth extracted and the other was pyrovalerone, which is not controlled, although its derivative is controlled," explained Dr. Long.

    He said the high from snorting the powder is addictive, unpredictable, can keep you up for days and last even longer. It can cause a stroke, heart problems and has been linked to suicide, including one in St. Joseph, Missouri.

    So, NewsChannel 5 went back into the head shop on Page Avenue and asked the store clerk if he thought the substance should be banned:

    "I can't answer that question. Is it harming anybody? I don't know."

    And the fear is that lack of education about this new drug there and elsewhere, may lead to someone taking the next dangerous dose.

    Investigators in St. Joseph tell NewsChannel 5 that after the most recent death of a 29-year-old - who was said to have been addicted to Ivory Wave - the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association began working on legislation to have it listed as a controlled substance.

    November 24, 2010

  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: "Legal High" May Already Be Banned

    These stories seem to contradict each other- the first one in particular is rather confusing.

    Looking at the Missouri controlled substances act it does list pyrovalerone as controlled, but notMDPV.

    And while Ivory Wave / Vanilla Sky has long been considered the same manufacturer/product, I've seen no indication the same is true for starry night.

    Missouri CSA attached.

  3. Wired350z
    Baby Jesus kept seeing the fox 2 broadcasting this over the last few months, so Baby Jesus decided to start doing some deep internet research. Finally last night Baby Jesus saw one more bashing of the store that sells Starry Nights. Baby Jesus walked in and it was very casual. Other "headshops" are hush hush about things. The store clerk was already having a convo with 2 people about the salts. Baby Jesus and the clerk chit chatted, laughing about how much free advertising the news is doing for them. Baby Jesus looked in the displays and didn't see what they were looking for(tons of various herbal alternatives, more than Baby Jesus ever heard of). So Baby Jesus asked for the salts and the clerk pulled a gallon ziplock bag from a drawer behind the counter. The Starry Night came in a 1inch diameter 1/2 tall clear plastic container, with a very tiny label, the "not for human consumption" was barely noticable.

    So Baby Jesus came home and did more research, and finding the chemical spoons they purchased prior from a lab supplier. using a .05g spoon swim pulled a sample, and broke it down into ~6mg piles.
    1 hour ago Baby Jesus took a bath and added 6mg. Within seconds Baby Jesus felt sorta alert but zoned/tranced. Now Baby Jesus is one hour in and have had the urge afew times to take a bath again. Baby Jesus has a nice mindset, up, perky and positive. Only downfall cheeks feel tight and Baby Jesus finds themselves clenching their teeth.
    Baby Jesus will update as the night progresses.
    But off the bat, Baby Jesus has to say the media severely over hyped the danger. It had swim very nervous but the curiosity plus assuming its going to get banned soon made them have to give it a whirl. Baby Jesus thinks all the "problems" the news is mentioning is morons adding way more than a bump or two in the bath. when the media says this is 4-10 times the strength of cocaine, your just stirring people in a frenzy. This is one of those things the media should not have brought up, would have kept all the overdosing newbs unaware of its availability. So far Baby Jesus gives it a thumbs up, but bath with caution.
  4. 80sbaby
    Does anyone else feel like MDPV is giving the bathsalts a bad name!!!!!!

    i mean mephedrone aint that bad. i dont think anyone has killed themselves suicidally on mephedrone. anyone???
  5. xiaobendan
    SWIM feels MDPV is really hardcore. It's not easy to score ritalin in Europe, well not in his part.

    He got it once because he was informed it was very close to ritalin, he thought "take a little bit at a time for a strong ritalin high".

    Fuck was he wrong, jaw clenching, totally insomnia for days, 48 hours in, amphetamine psychosis, hearing people who weren't there, seeing things in the corner of his eye that made him jump.

    But the final straw was when he did some jwh 250 in the middle of a MDPV experience, the paranoia and social anxiety were unbelievable.

    The only stimulant SWIM had tried since he was 20 was ritalin( and that was only two boxes). He was a total amphetamine and MDMA junkies for most of his teens. Basically he has only become a normal person years after he stopped all that messing. Ritalin to him was lovely, all the best from a stim without the pain.

    MDPV brought it all back, the sorry and the pity, the sleepless nights, headaches, fiending, shriveled cock etc etc....you get the picture.

    SWIM has no idea what point he is trying to make. He's supposes it's a warning, this is up there with meth and crack. It's a real tweakers buzz(if you're still into that kinda thing, well you'll love it!!!).

    SWIM didn't love it, he flushed it down the toilet, 700mg he had left...never did something like that before in his life, he hates waste.....however, no regrets, at all....
  6. gmeziscool2354
    mdpv is far too potent for many people to handle resonsibly. xianbendan, good call on the flushing, cuz otherwise someone would have kept pushing themselves and pushing themselves with it and probably had some problems such as long term amphetamine psychosis or worse.

    but my pet iguana seems to find low dose mdpv great, he thinks it better than prescription meds. but then again, most of his friends have had train wrecks on the shit
  7. dr ACE
    I too have been unfortunate enough to start dabbling with MDPV,and i can testify that it is definately a very addictive drug up there with the best of them meth,crack and heroin. Its one of those drug that once you buy the ticket and start the ride it is really really hard to get off.MDPV will chew you up and spit you out and if your lucky you will still be alive and sane.

    I have been on and off this drug for quite a few years. It was fun to begin with then i started smoking it and that produced an even more intense desire to redose constantly. If mixed with caffeine it will increase anxious feelings 10 fold and produce a very jittery high. On plus note it has fantastic weight loss properties(it seems to have a long term affect on metabolism rates), libido enhancing effects,and could be potential nootropic substance if used sparingly and by oral ROA (at dosage of approx 5-8mg). This drug has produced some extremely strange and shameful bizarre behavior in me when i abused it,looking back i cant believe some of things i did when high on that stuff, it truly will turn nuns into porn stars in the space of about 2 or 3 10 mg lines.

    I will repeat this over and over to any one who has ears and listens, this drug is not to be taken lightly and certainly not by youngsters or drug naive people. I have tried many drugs in my time and this one takes the top spot in terms of the destructive and highly addictive nature of effect it produces in humans. Best left well alone or left to the professional chemist researcher. I honestly don't think it has that much in terms of recreational value because it is so highly addictive and the effects it produces can be very unpredictable in high dose or long runs(binges). It truly is paranoid psychosis in powder form, please be very careful if you are researching this compound and treat it with the respect it deserves
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