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  1. catseye
    Mexxy will be made illegal for up to 12 months while the Government's drugs advisers decide whether it should be permanently controlled.


    It follows concerns that two people whose bodies were found in Leicestershire in February may have taken some form of the drug after buying it over the internet.

    Anyone caught making, supplying or importing the drug will face up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the Home Office said.

    Police and border officials will also be allowed to search or detain anyone they suspect of having the drug and seize, keep or dispose of a substance they suspect is mexxy.

    Crime Prevention Minister Lord Henley said: "Making this drug illegal sends a clear message to users and those making and supplying it that we are stepping up our fight against substances which are dangerous and ruin the lives of victims and their families.

    "But making drugs illegal is only part of the solution.

    "It is important for users of these harmful substances to understand that just because they are described as legal highs, it does not mean they are safe or should be seen as a 'safer' alternative to illegal substances."

    Since the drugs was referred to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) earlier this month, the advisers have presented further evidence that its use can lead to "significant additional toxicity", including agitation, a faster heart rate and higher blood pressure, as well as unsteadiness on the feet.

    Such symptoms are rarely seen with ketamine or other recreational drugs, the advisers said.

    Professor Les Iversen, chairman of the ACMD, said: "The evidence shows that the use of methoxetamine can cause harm to users.

    "Many of the health effects of methoxetamine are similar to those of ketamine, which is already controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

    "Users have also reported experiencing other serious effects including agitation, cardiovascular conditions and hypertension."

    Police warned people not to take mexxy, which was advertised and sold as a safe alternative to the class C drug ketamine, after the bodies of a 59-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man were found in Leicester and Melton Mowbray on February 11 and 12 respectively.

    The Telegraph
    28 March, 2012
    (no author credit given)



  1. Bad Rabbits
    So... Sorry, can someone re-iterate for me;

    As of today, it is illegal to import, supply or manufacture Methoxetamine?
  2. C11H15
    what heart conditions? swim had only a slight play with the chemical, for about 2-3weeks swim consumed under 1g. however i noticed it messing me up; unusual heart beat, increased staring into thin air, slower mental skills, agitation, ears being effected.
  3. catseye
    Bad Rabbits, it looks like its imminent.
    The new-ish Police Reform and Social Responsibility bill apparently allows bans to be pushed through much faster then they were before.
    I'm guessing it will be illegal within a month.

    I've attached a pdf of the ACMD's official statement on methoxetamine.
  4. Bad Rabbits
    Catseye, thankyou very much.

    The way this article read (and others I have found online) - suggests that the sale/importation/manufacture is illegal as of today.

    Glad to see this isn't the case, but of course not the best news ever.

    So... More people switching back to Ketamine, more bladder problems, more black market profits... Blah Bah... Rant Rant...
  5. catseye
    Yes I'm a bit confused by the way the news is presenting it too, but the way I'm understanding it is that it will become illegal, i.e., as soon as it can be pushed through the required channels.
    That's why they mention the 'new powers' = basically the Home Secretary can now implement a ban (without ACMD backing afaik), and this will shorten the process time-wise.
    I could be getting the wrong end of the stick though, so if anyone knows otherwise I hope they will let us know :)
  6. Bad Rabbits
    Hmm... 'Without the backing of the ACMD' - says it all really, if this is the case.

    I'm going to do some digging and hope to have a definitive answer today, regarding whether this has already gone through, or simply imminent.

    Thanks for posting, Catseye.
  7. Joe-(5-HTP)
    What about possession?
  8. Bad Rabbits
    Possession of small quantities for personal use, will be fine as far as I am aware. Don't quote me on this until later today, when I'll come back with some facts.
  9. knightsmith
    That stuff, not good if its called mxe. New person taking 2, and can get committed, no joke.
  10. Alicia
    it would probably be met with the same ideal. like in the same way someone is found carrying ketamine. Government Bastards!

    Same with what Caroline flints bullshit report said on fresh psilocybian mushrooms. They will make up things in order to ban it. Its easier that way. All you need is someone to die and the media pukes all over it being typical parasites that they are. Who needs to know the truth when they can bullshit all they want and its in the governments favour. They would much rather people kill themselves on Drink and tobacco that way when your dying of cancer you cant claim your pension and your not a free thinking person outside the box. They dont like thinkers!

    Funny that. You have to take a real look into how these people work to understand how messed up the system is.
  11. catseye
    Here's the Home Office official letter of response to the ACMD's statement I posted above, in case anyone is curious ;)
    There doesn't seem to be official word on when the ban will be enacted but it will be quick I'm sure.
  12. Seaquake
    basically it comes into force as soon as the Home Secretary or whoever it us puts it to parliament. They then have 40 Parliamentary days to ratify the decision, at which point if they don't then the banning order fails. I'm not sure if there is anything to stop reintroducing a failed one though
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