Legal 'party pills' send Qld man to hospital

By chillinwill · Sep 29, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Police have seized a Queensland store's supply of caffeine pills after a 19-year-old was hospitalised with double the normal heart rate over the weekend.

    Sold as Giggle Laughing herbal supplements, the tablets contain the same level of caffeine as 20 cups of coffee and are marketed as a ‘legal high.’

    The Federal Government is investigating the pills after a young Brisbane man was taken to hospital on Saturday night, having earlier taken one of the New Zealand-made tablets.

    Party pill retailer Off Ya Tree sells the drug on their website with the disclaimer "these are one of the strongest party pills so only take one."

    The pills can be bought in a pack of three for $29.95.

    Another online retailer warns the Giggle pills may cause jaw tension, altered perception, insomnia and suppressed appetite.

    Emergency Medicine Queensland chairman David Rosengren said the caffeine tablets made for a "significant health risk".

    "It's not uncommon for us to see people coming in with symptoms of excessive caffeine ingestion and irregular palpitations, heart arrhythmias," he told the The Courier Mail .

    The 19-year-old was rushed to hospital suffering dizziness and a heart rate of 166 beats per minute, twice the normal rate.

    Off Ya Tree's website carries a warning for users to "party responsibly on party pills, so we can keep these products legal for everyone to enjoy."

    By ninemsn staff
    Tuesday September 29, 2009
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  1. Alfa
    Im sure caffeine is listed on the pack, but what's the REAL ingredient?
  2. chillinwill
    I bet it is Mephedrone, especially with all of the reports and intakes and hospital visits going on right now. I just don't see caffeine causing this to happen.
  3. EscapeDummy
    Is double the normal heart rate (so... between 120 and 160) really anything to go to the hospital over? I mean that is uncomfortably high but right about where you'd be after a quick sprint for 100 meters, or if you were dancing....
  4. Scarface88
    According to an article which I read about caffeine and coffee, it takes the average human being around 88 cups of coffee before a caffeine overdose takes place, so 20 cups is only a quarter of the way to overdosing.
  5. akack2
    Its TFMPP and pfPP.
  6. Vonn
    Guaranteed he didnt take them according to the instructions, or took something else with them. Yes they are fucking strong for a herbal, but they are still fine to consume as long as you only have one, especially for a 19yo male. It really annoys me how people think that because they are 'herbal' that they are weak.

    well swim has a massive shipment of these coming rom nz, so i suppose i had better tell her to get rid of them quickly because it looks like they are heading for a ban real soon. 'sigh'.

  7. Thirdedge
    The Giggle have different formulations for different countries. The Australian ones list Guarana and DMAA, but swim thinks there's likely something else in there, probably Glaucine.

    Its not Piperazines as these are all controlled drugs in both NZ (country of manufacture) and Aus (country of sale). Likewise Mephedrone is illegal under the analogue laws.
  8. Nemba
    20 cups of coffee? The smallest amount of caffeine in a coffee would be a single shot of espresso which is around 30mg, most "cups of coffee" have 60-80mg of caffeine. I really doubt this pill has 600-1400mg of caffeine in it that is dangerous and surely illegal. (and also stupidly huge). Lol for such basic inaccuracies in news articles that are so blatantly just made up because they need something else to say than some kid took too much drugs.
  9. akack2
    Irish version has TFMPP and pfPP
  10. enquirewithin
    Piperazines do sound like the likely culprit. Not much of a giggle really.
  11. Knifey
    Err, it is not legal to sell giggle in australia at all. Therapuetic goods are specifically exempt from the trans-tasmin alliance. Just because the TGA is a pathetic and impotent enforcer of law doesn't mean it's legal. Customs WILL cease anything coming in that they think (more than 30 containers) will be resold. This seems to be their trade off, that you can buy it, but not sell it.
  12. Knifey
    SWIM says this is a "geranium" extract, but he likes it
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