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  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Legalized pot should be sold through LCBO: Union Head says

    image.jpg Bags of pot is held up at a medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver on Friday May 1, 2015. (Darryl Dyck / THE CANADIAN PRESS)
    Marijuana should be sold in LCBO stores when the drug is legalized by the federal government, according to the head of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.
    OPSEU president Warren (Smokey) Thomas said provincial liquor stores have a solid track record of responsibly selling alcohol, and he believes the same standards would be applied to the sale of legalized marijuana. Thomas doubts it will create new jobs. Thomas said the union will be releasing a position paper on the sale of marijuana in the coming weeks.

    Meanwhile, OPSEU has teamed up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and mental health experts to form a coalition that will advise Ottawa on the potential legalization of marijuana.

    The LCBO is a provincial Crown corporation that has a monopoly on the sale of Alcohol.

    Source CTV News


  1. TheBigBadWolf
    Definitely not a good idea to put Marijuana and Alcohol together in one shop - we have seen it before to what it leads when soft and hard drugs are sold by the same dealers.

    It's not gonna be different when the sale has become legal.

    Marijuana should also be sold in different shops than cigarettes and other tobacco products are.

    If only to prevent (prevention is a big part of nowadays' drugs policy, I hear) that users buy more than one drug at a time. It 'might' help keeping people from consuming several different drugs at the same time (in case of alcohol and weed we all know that most of the synergy is going into nausea).

    What Marijuana does not need is a policy of veiling , half-thruths and straight away lies as happened from the side of the tobacco manufacturing giants (not that the small producers were any better..) during the last 60 years.

    Big alc, Big Tobacco and Big Pharm should definitely tried to be kept out of this business, in a way like he who is selling drug A must not sell Drug B and C.

    A Government allowance & control analogue to selling alcohol and tobacco is a good thing - monopolism is not.

  2. Alfa
    I'm not sure how it is in the US, but here there is zero expertise and harm reduction in liquor stores.
    Seems like a recipe for disaster.
  3. perro-salchicha614
    Yeah, that's how it is in the US too. Or at least it is in the liquor stores where I shop.
  4. Alien Sex Fiend
    The Alcohol Workers Union never cared about weed, until now. Its all about money, nobody cares how harmful alcohol is or how "harmful" weed is
  5. vervain
    Marijuana was legalized here in Oregon just the past year - you can grow a small number of plants yourself and also purchase it at dispensaries.

    There are a couple dispensaries near my house and they're impressive - staffed by knowledgeable friendly people, with super comfortable decor and atmosphere. One is in a kinda run-down commercial building next to a strip club, but the interior is totally unexpected with dark wood paneling, Turkish style rugs, good music, etc. The other is a early 19th century craftsman-style house with a crackling fireplace and a cat & pug dog lounging around, houseplants, and so on. I've had informative conversations with both staff and other customers, these are places that are pleasant to spend time in.

    Contrast that with the state-run liquor stores around here - flickering florescent lights, dodgy clientele and often staff, weird smells, bare-bones presentation, and just a general feeling of "grab your booze and get out of here".

    So yeah, in my experience let's keep them the hell separate! ;)
  6. Alien Sex Fiend
    OPSEU is for Ontario Public Service Employees Union
    LCBO is for Liquor Control Board of Ontario

    you asked for it
  7. TheBigBadWolf
    In my country there are no -and never existed any - liquor shops, so I'm kind of nosey on this - is it the experience of all members that liquor stores - where they exist - are generally run without any expert knowledge, customers just buying what they know to expect?

    If at any time the enlightenment comes to German politicians that this might be a thing to think about, I sure wouldnt want any zero-expertise Cannabis shops where I get sold the-gods-know-what instead of getting a clear hint to the strain/sort I am looking for with my special wishes.

    I mean, if any already existing business has expertise with stuff of that kind, it's pharmacies/chemists.
    Rather that than a stinky old shop surrounded by victims of the Big Booze.

  8. perro-salchicha614
    Liquor stores definitely aren't the place for harm reduction, in my experience. One time, the owner of one of the stores where I shop even joked around about how people used to get so hammered they'd vomit all over the place back when he was a bartender on party boats, like it was funny or something. There is no focus on harm reduction whatsoever, but I think that's true of drinking culture in general in this country.
  9. Alien Sex Fiend
    There is few larger shops where they have a person who is educated to advise you what wine serve at dinner. Shops regularly host free tasting stations that allow customers to taste new products without buying
    With monopoly on alcohol where I live they really try to avoid this legacy. They have bright and shiny clutter free stores that look more like a pharmacy than a traditional establishment. LCBO tries very hard to make an impression that ugly people with drinking problem don't exist, without helping any
  10. Alien Sex Fiend
    LCBO is pretentious, they give out culinary booklets and therir website is running daily recipes with lobsters that only 25% of their customers can afford while their best sellers are plastic bottled sherry wine that costs less than $10 and Smirnoff. They never recognized existence of weed before a month ago, not to mention their stance on legalization last month and now they want not one
    piece of pie, they want the whole pie
  11. Alien Sex Fiend
    Looks like selling legal cannabis from liquor stores is gaining support from federal government
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