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Legislative committee tackles medical marijuana problems in Helena

By bananaskin, Jun 29, 2010 | Updated: Jun 29, 2010 | |
  1. bananaskin
    An interim legislative committee listened in Helena to caregivers, patients, and others call for Montana to create its own laws and regulations for medical marijuana, and not to just take what other states have done.

    Regulations are needed. That was the general consensus of everyone who spoke. Many worried though that too much regulation might end up hurting the patients. Some even feared the state would repeal the law, which would force patients to look to illegal channels to get their medicine.

    Committee members said they need to work with the law and come up with new legislation to get a handle on the growing problem. Including making sure that physicians have legitimate doctor-patient relationships.

    Powell County Attorney, Lewis Smith said attorneys the law needs to be written in a way that what's legal and what isn't is clearly defined.

    Medical marijuana initiative sponsor, Tom Daubert said he wants more regulations for the industry. And that it should be treated like other prescription medicines. He knows you have to have everyone from law enforcement to caregivers and patients to come up with changes that will work for everyone.

    The legislature won't have a chance to vote on any proposed legislation until it reconvenes this coming Winter, but until it does tackle the issue, it's likely all sides will continue to wonder what is legal and what isn't.

    Christian Hauser
    28th June 2010
    News Channel 13



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