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By Nagognog2 · Nov 16, 2006 · ·
  1. Nagognog2

    DEAR ABBY: "Worried Sister" (10/4), who asked if she should inform her parents that her sister, "Cindy," is playing the choking game, may feel it is a betrayal if she breaks the confidence. But imagine how she'll feel if her sister dies.
    I'm a high school English teacher, and one of my students accidentally killed himself this way. It is a misnomer to call it a "game." You were correct, Abby -- it is playing Russian roulette with one's life.

    "Worried Sister" must intervene and alert her parents now. Cindy's addiction to the high produced through oxygen deprivation may indicate an addictive personality, something therapy can help. I watched one of my dearest friends repeatedly play the "game" when we were in seventh grade. As he grew older, he progressed to greater highs -- ultimately resulting in his death from a heroin overdose. -- PAMELA IN GREENVILLE, S.C.

    For further, there is a whole thread in Dear Abby - 11/16/06

    Yee haw!

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  1. Micklemouse
    Substitute 'Breathing' for 'choking', edit out the word "deprivation" in the last paragraph & we may have something that makes a little sense here...
  2. Paracelsus
    "Addiction" for oxygen deprivation? Some might really find it funny to black out and wake up in the shower. Oxygen deprivation lead to heroin abuse?? Of course.

    I'd love to see rehabs for such high-seekers. Jeez
  3. dirk
    I used to like to spin around when I was a kid. (still do occaisionally)
  4. AntiAimer
    These are the same kids who huff gasoline. Instant brain kill, gotta be retarded, O thats right...guess to much oxygen deprivation has got to them. I have no remorse for people like this, another idiot dead before he can harm someone else. Dont care how bored, or how much you want to get a 'high', gotta use common sense.
  5. yayo4yournasal
    If your not masturbating while your doing it, your not doing it right. That a bunch of losers. LMAO
  6. Riconoen {UGC}
    Another nominee for the DF darwin awards.

    One less idiot in our gene pool at least.
  7. Micklemouse
    Hang on, noones actually died as a direct result of this here, so let's calm down on the Darwin Awards & the jumping for joy shall we? Seventh graders are 13 years old. This game was popular in A Certain Mouse's school amongst pups of the same age (20 odd years ago). He remembers watching in dismay, thinking that there must be more to life. The kids that he remembers doing it are all now relatively successful in their fields. In fact, the one's that didn't were the ones that turned out to be the freaks & heads...
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