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Letter to the king of morocco on chakib el khayari

By Guigz · Jul 31, 2009 · ·
  1. Guigz
    A Newbie members, who can't post in this section give me a link to an interesting case which reveals the degree of corruption in Morocco Kingdoms.

    Chakib El Khayari, chairman of the Human Rights Association was arrested on 18 February 2009. Why? Because he touch a sensitive point about drugs corruption in Morocco.

    That's the letter send by ENCOD association to the King of Morocco:



    News suggest by Groovie.


  1. Spucky
    AW: Letter to the king of morocco on chakib el khayari

    For People with a Desire for knowledge
    have a look to the West-Sahara and who do swiny support with swinys Hash-Money!

    Hash support the Imperialism of Marocco,
    ergo People who buy Hash from Marocco support the Manslaughter there
    ergo Maroc-Hash is not a "Drug of Peace" in fact it`s a feeder of Torture, Rape and Genocide!

    Boycott the Hash from there and start to do Homegrown,
    every Coffeeshop who sale Maroc-Hash goes hand in hand with the Maroc-Imperialism,
    fight them!
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