Letters to My Enemy - Part 1

By MitchMagic · Jul 13, 2011 · ·
  1. MitchMagic
    Hi, for those who don't know my story, you may read it here. My blog entries will be a collection of written but unsent messages to "Tony." This are anger filled messages that at times may be vulgar. So I apologize in advance.

    Message #1

    “If you could have been a little more mature, things would not have gotten to such terrible state.” - Tony

    This is laughable. Faggot, I suppose it could be possible that I am the immature one. I recall seeing your skinny, lifeless body on a street corner. You sat alone, nodding off, cigarette falling out of your fingers. I recall watching this surrounded by people I love. Not drug addicts, not cheaters, and not thieves. So I guess I could be the immature one. I like to swear, I talk about dumb shit, I really enjoy Jackass… But I don’t enjoy shooting up in back alleys, having no job, not going to school, and letting the girl that I love disrespect her body and her well-being for a night of dangerous binging. No, you fucking cunt… I’m better than you. I know it. I don’t know why I’m telling you, but I am the good person. You deserve all of the pain that comes to you. I go to bed, every night, hoping that the next needle you stick into your veins kills you. I hope you get a bad bag of dope and you never see light again. So that I can sleep peacefully, knowing that you got what’s coming to you.

    I never did anything wrong, so don’t push my fucking buttons. I’m disgusted by you. You are ruined. I hope you enjoyed the moments you had with her. But know this, your heroin fuelled “love” could never compare to what I felt for her. I’m not going to find you, I’m not going to hurt you. Just keep hurting yourself and let me know when you overdose, alone.

    Fuck you you fucking piece of shit.


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  1. Potter
    Does it feel better to get that out?
  2. MitchMagic
    Not really...
  3. beentheredonethatagain
    it helped me , and I am not even angry
  4. Diamond_Gurl1
    I've felt such rage and anger! Writing it down, saying exactly how you feel, but not sending it is theraputic and can be healing.
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