Letters to my Enemy - Part 2

By MitchMagic · Aug 20, 2011 · ·
  1. MitchMagic
    I thought I told you not to whine to her. Is there really something wrong in your brain that makes you not understand the word "no"? You can threaten her and I as much as you want. But your pathetic attempts will not work. She's going to rehab. She's becoming a better person. You are no longer a part of her life. Deal with it faggot.

    I know you want us to suffer. But I've suffered enough. But remember, if your texts to her continue over the coming weeks, I have no problem watching you suffer in front of my eyes... in person. Nor does her family. We're ready to do what it takes to see you eradicated from her life.

    I'm at my low. Nothing can bring me lower. So good luck trying faggot. You said yourself that it's over. So let it go. Let Jol go. You've done so much harm in her life that you should just let her finally get better without having someone over her shoulder telling her not to.

    I know you wont listen to this, and you'll keep on being a pathetic scum of the earth. I just do hope that Jol doesn't have to run to me anymore telling me about your fucking messages.

    Do what you have to do to get over your "love" for her. Get high, kill yourself. Who the fuck cares. But don't do it in Jol's or my face.

    Though I do like rubbing what we had in your face though. Because that's what you really wanted. You wanted her to love you back. But she didn't. I hope those thoughts haunt you.

    There's a lot that I'd like to see happen to you. But I guess all I can hope for now is an overdose.

    Like I said, as long as you keep on contacting Jol, I'll continue harassing you. It's as simple as that. Because you haven't suffered at all. She was never cruel to you. You got basically got everything you wanted. You deserve a little bit of suffering because you have no idea what it feels like.

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  1. Moving Pictures
    what's the point of this? You destorying yourself becuase your girl keeps running back to this guy. My advise? Get BOTH of them out of your life. It is killing you and you shouldn't have to have that. Hatred will eat you alive. Do you think this bothers him? Fuck to the NO. He is high, man. He loves your girl. He doesn't care. You're hurting yourself with all this anger. I have no idea what it's like to be in love with an addict. All I know is that an addict is going to hurt you. No ifs ands or buts. An addict WILL hurt you. Not intentionally. No. But it will happen. You need to cut her out of your life for a good while until she gets right on her own. She will just use you over and over until you have nothing left. If she wants to be with you, make her prove it. Have her take care of ehrself. Have her tell this guy to fuck off. Then when she has gotten everything straight, talk to her again. She has a lot to prove to you. You need to get over your anger towards this guy though. It's not his fault, really. She's the one who still kept going back to him. You've got to accept it for what it is. She's not the thing of perfection you want her to be. You're misdirecting your anger towards her at him.

    I'm sorry if this sounds mean or cold but there's no other way to say it.
  2. Joben
    Having never met you or spoken to you before, I don't want you to think that what I'm going to say is coming off as hurtful or mean. But I do agree with what Moving Pictures had said above. And I only say so because I have experienced what you are describing to a certain degree.

    Honestly Mitch, the kid to whom this is written doesn't give two shits what you have to say to him. Even if it is true. Like MP said before, he is high. He was with her before. He has feelings that will not change no matter how much you ridicule and put him down for them. In fact, doing so may just make them last longer. They will not disappear until enough time goes by.

    This is going to be the hardest part to hear. This is the part that for two years I refused to acknowledge. She could be, and in all likeliness, probably is, using you Mitch. She may use the excuse that she wants to get clean (and she may really want to!) but it also sounds like that is exactly what you want to hear. That's why she say's that. However, it is NOT your responsibility to get her clean. It is hers and hers only. Be careful with this, because it may all fall out from underneath you at the most random point.

    Like MP said, she is the one who went back to him. You are angry at him. Think about it. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you not want her back also? When she says she didn't love him back, are you 100% sure she isn't saying that to make you feel better. Here's the kicker- that's probably what she's doing. Tread carefully, my friend.

    Again, I don't know you. You don't know me. So in reality you can look at everything I said and completely disregard it rather than taking the constructive criticism and turning it into something productive. But I tell you all of this because you're a fellow guy, and am going through something similar to what I did years ago; a something that ruined my life and changed who I was.

    The best of luck to you friend,

    - CMFD
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