Letting Go, Setting Sail, Going Home

By WashedCNDL · Nov 23, 2016 · ·
  1. WashedCNDL
    This one finds that as they continue their transition into Buddhism and a more sober life, there come a great many threads that bind them to various unhealthy behaviors and people.

    This one wonders how DF may have influenced them negatively. Or perhaps informed them of the true dangers of some substances. This one feels immense fear at the prospect of letting go of so many attachments, big and small.

    Potentially ending friendships and other relationships, deleting files, selling and donating possessions, practicing and meditating on the nature of impermanence and non-self. Cutting off the excess fat of life. Becoming a vegetarian.

    There is a bizarre wish that more things has fallen. That there was a true "ground zero" as opposed to waking up amongst a pile of attachments, possessions and more. This one knows that such a situation while allowing perhaps more simple acceptance, is not as advantageous. It would be foolish to believe otherwise.

    Still, fear of returning to their youth of having no friends, no lovers and an intense atmosphere of loneliness and disconnection.

    Where did my self go? Alas this one knows, it was an illusion all along. The threads that bind and hold back are cords that ring with suffering and this one longs for liberation

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  1. Budgetadvisoryservice
    The deep truth behind those feelings of loss is usually a fear of the unknown. It's not the things we leave behind that we mourn, so much as a fear of the new life we are walking toward.

    I've been thinking on this a lot lately, as I ponder a change which would essentially mean that the present me would be rendered non-existent.

    I've lost everything but my life, so many times over the years that I don't remember how many. The feelings of loss and liberation compete in equal measure and with equal profundity, every time that process occurs. One thing that I have come to believe is that it's better to jump than to be pushed as the decision itself is empowering.

    If we all were completely enlightened, nothing would ever get done and all the caves on every mountain would be crowded with meditating Buddhas all living on light and love as they navigate their collective path toward nirvana.

    That is not the universe in which we live.

    Whilst inner peace and the journey to find it fulfills the irrelevant self, in this age of consumerism, it flys in face of the comunities' mission for adornment of the body with plastic tickytacky and the pollution of the mind with chaotic desire. In this age, the path of least resistance is paved with capitalism, social hierarchy, material ambition and moral reconnation. All that bullshit and fluff is what makes us all human and part of this beautiful and expanding village.

    It is, and to paraphrase Gautama, 'All is, as it should be.'

    Within the complete being, none of the 'things' you describe exist. As you were born complete and die complete, in a universe where time is subjective, you remain complete at all moments between birth and death and are therefore complete at this moment. As a complete being, you 'have' 'no thing' to 'lose'.

    The modern human is only complete when they own and rule the world. All the 'things' one has are steps toward that unattainable end of complete domination of all matter and consciousness. As such, the 'things' you 'have' only serve to make you a better human and a bigger part of your community. That can't be a bad thing, to be a part of a community of wonderful and unique individuals who desire goodness and work together to that end.

    Whilst this may seem to be a contradiction of terms, in fact it is only the light and dark of the same perfect circle of existence. One cannot be without the other and it is only through our own desire for change that the two aspects of human existence come into conflict - to move away from or towards the light or the dark. Both conditions are flawed as the light AND the dark are equally represented conditions of the perfect and balanced whole, complete being.

    You are a manifestation of that complete circle, with the ability to, through meditation, become one with all whilst also collecting rep' points for posts on an Internet forum focused on the consumption mind altering substances, sitting in a box in a town where people go to work to make money so they can buy things which make them better than their friends...

    It's all the same shit, and all/none of it is meaningless/profound.

    Om mani padme hum.

    Here's the headfuck - the guy that just wrote and believes the above is considering ditching everything he has, identity included, to go to France and join the legion. No kidding.

    Given that fact, I'm clearly not someone who's advice on enlightenment has any credence at all.

    Go figure.

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