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Lib Dems' secret plan for high street cannabis cafes

By corvardus, Apr 30, 2010 | | |
  1. corvardus
    Cannabis cafes would be permitted under secret Liberal Democrat plans. A leaked policy document calls for the decriminalisation of the drug in an approach even more radical than Amsterdam’s.

    The paper also suggests allowing possession of cannabis, social supply to adults and cultivation of the plants for personal use.

    It follows an internal party vote that commits the Lib Dems to making it ‘no longer a crime for the occupier or manager of premises to permit someone to use cannabis on those premises’.

    The party’s constitution binds its leaders – in power – to implement votes carried at annual conferences.

    The Tories, who unearthed the policy document, said the policy would go further than the Dutch model of turning a blind eye to ‘cannabis coffee shops’.

    Cafe owners could allow customers to smoke the drug outside or buy ‘hash brownies’ and vaporised cannabis.

    Chris Grayling, Tory Shadow Home Secretary, said: ‘Lib Dem policy on drugs is deeply worrying.
    ‘When you look at the detail of what they want to do it’s quite clear that they want to be soft on crime and want to sign up to more and more powers from Brussels.
    ‘I have spoken to countless people whose lives have been wrecked by hard drugs.’

    Nick Clegg has also come under fire for suggesting heroin and other drugs should made legally available.

    The Liberal Democrats are on course to see their number of MPs soar at Labour's expense, a poll revealed yesterday. The ICM/Guardian poll shows the party's vote is increasing more strongly in Labour-held marginal seats than in Conservative ones. They could end the election with 80 MPs - the most since 1923.
    The Liberal Democrat leader claimed that criminalising drug use was restricting ‘individual freedom and civil liberties’ – and argued that drug offences should not lead to jail.

    While serving as an MEP, Mr Clegg complained it was unfair that drug users were being pushed to the fringes of society.

    He said heroin – currently a Class A substance – should be made available to addicts under medical supervision.

    He signed a motion calling on EU member states ‘to take measures to make the fight against organised crime and trafficking in narcotics and psychotropic substances more effective, by establishing a system of legal control and regulation of production, sale and use of currently illegal substances’.

    Last night, a Lib Dem spokesman said: ‘We will always base drugs policy on the independent scientific advice of experts.’

    Daily Mail
    29th April, 2010


  1. blink1989
    That it. Swims voting Lib Dem!!

    It's shameful the way the government can just criminalise half the population for no reason, waste our hard earned taxes, fuel crime, put peoples health at risk and encourage gang related violence (i.e which street gangs can sell in which areas). Cannabis simply isnt harmful, why wont they just admit its illegal to get 'high' unless its with alcohol and cancer sticks (cigarettes).

    This stupid old law has achieved nothing positive saved nobody and cost us lives, money and quality of life.

    Rant over! :)
  2. mickey_bee
    Aye, swim voted lib dem last time round too.
    The idea of the tories gettin in power utterly terrifies swim. David Cameron is just another idealist rich kid, which swim's sure he'd be if he'd been brought up like him.........but the real England ain't Eton.

    And anyone who is at least willing to put drug policy in the control of medical science and logic, deserves swim's vote.
    The amount of police time swim personally has seen wasted on chasing teenage runners around estates, or even just arresting someone for buying a bit of weed is ridiculous, and only ever achieves success in catching the runners, which means 10 minutes later, another couple of kids are out ont he street, working for the same gang, selling the same unregulated, adulterated, deadly shit.

    If you really want to fuck over gangs, stop petty theft, and introduce drug addicts back into the mainstream of society (where they can give back to society), the best possible thing you could do would be to take away demand for the drugs, by providing them, in a safe, controlled environment, at the appropriate dosage, with a view to getting them completely clean in the end, but, as we live in a real not ideal world, also accept that some may need to be maintained for the rest of their lives.......

    'Oh the horror! maintaining an addiction!'- In some cases yes, but that addiction would likely continue with or without the help of a prescription, and would cost the taxpayer infinitely more. If you don't believe it, just look around, go to a methadone clinic and ask how many of them are just on methadone and not heroin aswell?

    Away go the dealers, therefore away goes the possibility of new addicts, away goes half the prison population there for repeatedly committing petty crimes to fund their habit, away goes the majority of burglaries/theft, and the spread of diseases is greatly reduced.
    And that's really not that radical a move when you consider that the current policy is just to dole out methadone to everyone looking for help.

    But yeah, swim could go on forever on this topic, but labour's gone from a bright red to the colour of my mum's faded 70's curtains, kinda beige and totally uninspiring.

    I'll be goin Lib Dem again, for a change if nothing else.....
  3. Sippin40oz
    To fair Nick Clegg attended Westminster School and Cambridge uni so he has has a simular priviledge upbring as Cameron. But I do agree with voting for Lib Dems as Clegg is a lot more down to earth and almost seems honest (for a politician!) :laugh:

    I dont think Nick Clegg's drug policy is quite as liberal as the Daily Mail suggests though!!! I think this more of a 'dont vote lib dems they will create cannabis cafes and give your children heroin for free!' kinda story!

    I watched a official video of Nick Clegg recently and he pretty much said the same thing. He also said that the AMDC should be totally independant and allowed to release their own view on drugs policy. It would then be upto the government to decided what to do but explain their decisions in the public arena. Transparency would definitely be a step in the right direction IMO!!
  4. Sven99
    Its not a secret plan. Its a matter of public record
  5. cocoabean
    just hurry up with the hung parliment buisness and get this thing going its about time swim got to smoke some good non chemical smoke :) quicker the better im not waiting 3 years for it.:laugh: to speed up the time they could at least offer it medically then i can train to be a professional in medicine.
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