Life can be so beautiful...

By drbeer · Jul 2, 2008 · ·
  1. drbeer
    Hi all fellow DFers. Boozer just feels so fucking great right now, gotta love ups and downs :laugh:.

    First of all, he ain't insane, now I'm sure. Second of all... I think he's in love and that for once his love is returned to him. It,s just soo great. And the wonderful thing about that is that it's from the girl he liked about a month ago, he's now sure that it's his soulmate. They both share the same psychology and philosophy. And what's even better is that she wants to become a botanist. She loves biology and science. Boozer might finally have found someone that could understand how he feels. Anyway, I don't know how life will unfold itself but it sure looks good.

    Let me share that feeling to all of you who might need it. :thumbsup:

    Peace and love all :vibes:

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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Good stuff :)
    Hope all goes well between the boozer and the botanist.
  2. drbeer
    Well, i guess Boozer is blind... he sees anything sweet shes says to him as a form of appreciation. But, in fact, she could be well using him.... she always tells him she wants to see him, then, at the last moment, she got something else to do. If he sees her, she's always doing something else and does not seem to care much about his presence.

    Boozer's so stupid...
  3. mickenator
    Sorry to hear that boozer, but they always say that love is blind. Hope things work out for you mate.
  4. drbeer
    Fuck it, boozer is not loved by her. She only a friend, and probably doesn't give a rats ass about him anymore. He'll leave her alone, anyway he isn't made to be loved, he's too depressive, dependant and weird... :(
  5. Heretic.Ape.
    ah well mon ami. Just remember: we are set up hormonally and at deep primitive levels of gray matter to totally lose perspective in matters concerning members of the opposite sex. Otherwise this goofy species would never keep going; if we weren't all stoned by deep rooted biochemical reactions nobody would be crazy enough to subject themselves to the sheer insanity that is human courting nor find the sex act anything other than humorous and a little gross.
  6. drbeer
    Sure, but boozer is tried of courting now. He knows that whatever he does he won't have any love, just friendship.

    He simply ain't cute enough to be loved by women.
  7. Orchid_Suspiria
    There is someone for everyone.No need to giveup!
  8. drbeer
    Hehe... boozer knew the botanist was the one... he has found the way to her heart and will always be there for her!
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