1. trippymindfuk
    Sometimes I feel like I have lost this battle called life. The love of my life is not with me and I miss her so much. I worry like crazy about her everyday. I have let so many people down and I always hurt the people that I love and the people that care about me. I feel unloved quite often and I have a huge void in my life. I don't know what it is and I try to be happy but it is so hard sometimes. I am in a rut and have been for years now. I know that drugs are not the best way to fill that void, but at least they provide a temporary relief. I need love and affection, I miss my woman so much! I feel like it is my fault that she is in the position she is in. She is 2 states away, depressed, and living with a man she hates.....I have a deep regret for a lot of the mistakes I have made in life, only for the simple fact that they have affected others. I just feel so lost sometimes....I miss you, Jasmine, and I love you with all my heart....forever and always yours.....

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