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  1. Alfa
    Light drugs available in free sale in Russia

    Light drugs are still available in free sale in Russia despite the official decree issued by Surgeon General Gennady Onischenko. One can purchase a blend of dry herbs in specialized sho 1a0 ps. Dope sellers assure their customers that their products are absolutely harmless.

    “The narcotic herbs were originally used in spa parlors as fragrance, but it later occurred to someone to smoke grass, and that’s how it all started. One gram of weed costs 900 rubles ($27), and this dose is enough for five adults. We have been receiving many calls lately from people who suffered from smoking these herbs. It is possible to develop an addiction to this kind of smoking. Others say that a person may start acting inadequately as a result of smoking,” a specialist with the Drug Control Service of Samara, Ekaterina Kondareva said.

    Russia’s Surgeon General Gennady Onischenko issued a special decree to ban the sales of herbal smoke blends in the Russian Federation. The decree particularly banned the sales of blends containing such herbs as Salvia Divinorum and/or Argyreia Nervosa (Hawaiian rose) and/or Nymphea caerulea (blue lotus). The blends containing the herbs are available under such names as AM-HI-CO, Dream, Spice (Gold, Diamond), Zoom, Ex-se 197 s, Pep Spice, Yucatan Fire and some others.

    The official decree has not stopped the sales of herbal smoke blends. “We have heard of the decree, but we are not going to scrap our sales, we have not received any instructions from our manager,” sellers say.



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