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Like a little rave...

By Potter · Mar 27, 2009 ·
  1. Potter
    I had a 7mm stone half way to my bladder and it wasn't going anywhere, so the blasted it with sound and vaped it with lasers, it was like a tiny, dangeorus, rock concert in my pee hole.

    I've got to say, aside from all the pain and general ennui of the past few days, I feel really rejuvenated. When I got home from surgery (and before those drugs wore off) I actually went kind of nuts around the house, replacing the steel eating utensils we've had with the silver ones should have been using, laying out some earrings, soldered a ring, got a lot of work done. Since then I'm getting my origami organized better so as to facilitate finishing projects as quickly as possible, and generally feeling quite motivated, though I've had to limit my activity so as to heal.

    Except for going to the Gem Show tomorrow. I'm not missing that for the world. Lucky for me, my doctor was able to help out, so if I take it slow, I'll be fine.

    Well the doctor's orders are making me rather dopey, so I'm signing off for a bit.


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