Lilly Allen Encourages Teens to use drugs

By cannabis-sam · Feb 18, 2009 · ·
  1. cannabis-sam
    Pill-y Allen

    [h2] Wrecked star says ‘Let kids try ecstasy’ [/h2]

    LILY ALLEN: With fag in hand on stage

    FRILLY ALLEN: Undies on show

    SILLY ALLEN: Dance with stripper

    SINGER Lily Allen was blasted last night for telling parents to encourage their kids to try drugs.

    She said potentially lethal Class A drugs like ecstasy MIGHT not harm them — so the best way to find out was to take them.

    Lily said: “Parents should say, ‘Drugs might seem fun, but they do funny things to your brain. Some people react to it good, some don’t. Try it and see what you think’.”

    The star—who slurped wine during a shambolic gig this weekend—said only fame stops her bingeing on ecstasy pills.

    Lily, 23, admits: “If I hadn’t been famous I’d have taken loads. Wouldn’t be too wise right now.”

    She adds: “I’ve never been good with cocaine or drugs like that. They make me passionately angry on everything. I steer clear of heroin or crack. Lily is set to go to number one today with her new album It’s Not Me, It’s You.

    But she moans she doesn’t want to be a role model. She whines: “Mothers and sisters should be role models. Not pop stars or actresses.”

    Her comments in Dutch mag Revu come just a month after she was forced to issue a statement saying she does not condone drugs, following an outburst.

    Lily recently gave up booze for a while. She says: “I react bad to alcohol, but I never know when to stop. I keep drinking, because it helps me. I find it difficult to communicate with strangers.”

    She wasn’t shy with strippers on stage in the Bahamas on Friday in a revealing outfit complete with fags and wine. She wrote on her Twitter page: “Worst gig ever.”

    Tory MP Patrick Mercer called Lily’s drug rant “extraordinary”. Rob Broomfield, of Dad’s Against Drugs, slammed her as “immature”.


    By Dan Wootton & Simon Ward, 15/02/2009

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  1. Greenport
    The issue IMO is that she is encouraging 'teens' to use drugs. Drugs can affect the developing mind in unknown ways, and thus for the most part it is best for people to wait until their brain is fully/mostly developed before they start looking into drug use.
  2. nate81
    Wow, she sure is getting punished for that statement. Shitty thing about being famous, you can't get away with anything without someone jumping all over your ass about it. If a nobody said that same thing, no one would notice and it would be forgotten in minutes if not seconds.

    That Hannah Montana chick made some kind of video where she pulled her eyes back to look "slanted" like an asians. She had to issue an apology about it. Who gives a fuck about some teens making a dumb video out of boredom? It's the fame and the fame alone that makes this into anything.
  3. SullyGuy
    I find this perverse on several levels.

    Drugs should really not be endorsed by stars (or anyone really) because they just arn't for everyone...
  4. Sven99
    She's right about at least one thing though: Pop stars and actresses make lousy role models
  5. honourableone
    Lilly Allen is usually one of the few celebrities with a decent attitude to drugs. She talks about people she knows that occasionally take cocaine, but have full time jobs. She recently stopped doing drugs, and when asked if it was for ever she said "No, never say never. After my first album was a success I didn't know what to do, and took more and more drugs. I was worried that a new album might not turn out so well, so I wanted to put it off, but now I've stopped and am getting some real work done. People sometimes take drugs because their lives are dull, and it can enhance their lives, I will probably take drugs again, but just not at this point in my life.".

    By the way, I'm not some obsessed Lily Allen fan, I just read an article about her a few days ago and I have a good memory.
  6. nate81
    Sure you're Actually I'm a fan, I've liked her music since hearing the song Alfie. She's so pretty but those pics above are kinda gnarly.
  7. chibi curmudgeon
    "potentially lethal?" Oh, please.

    She doesn't seem like she's using substances particularly responsibly, but otherwise, I'd rather someone's honest than pandering to parents and radio stations.
  8. doggy_hat
    "...Try it and see what you think."

    I can agree with that. If people would actually try drugs before demonizing them, then there'd would be much less support for prohibition. How can someone feel so strongly against substances that they've never even actually seen in real life? I do not know.
  9. honourableone
    I can see how people should have a better understanding of substances before their demonized (ie. open their minds a bit and only be influenced by sense and logic, meet actual functional drug users), but actually trying them isn't neccesary. I'm not going to use a nuclear weapon, take deadly nightshade alkaloids or play russian roulette, but I think they are a bad idea. For safer things though, the try it message isn't so bad, but people shouldn't need first hand experience of something to have an opinion on it. Telling teenagers to take street ecstacy (here I put more emphasis on the street part than the teenagers part) isn't too responsible though.
  10. Uncle Ramrod
    Em htiw gnorw kniffun t'nia ereht dna sneet ym ni sgurd fo ytnelp desu mwis.
  11. honourableone
    It took me like 30 seconds to realise that wasn't a foreign language. It is 20 minutes past midnight because I'm staying up late to get work done though (procrastinating at the moment).

    SWIM started smoking weed a few months before he turned 16 (during his GCSEs (exams in the UK)), then tried many other things while still at school. He got straight As in his GCSEs and then throughout his A levels. The amount of effort put in is the primary factor to how well you will succeed.
  12. Uncle Ramrod
    The problem with the war on drugs is that no-one can acknowledge the elephant in the room (Ecstasy is not that dangerous) without undermining their own overblown moralistic standpoint that all drugs are bad (except the taxed ones). Can you honestly imagine any politicians or over-protective-parent-pressure-groups suddenly looking at the evidence and saying:

    "Well on balance it looks like going out and getting off your chump on eccies at he weekend is actually not much of a risk to your health".

    It cannot be so - simply because they'd all look like idiots. Instead, the more the evidence stacks up that they are wrong about a particular substance the more they point their fingers and scream:
    So when Lily Allen makes a comment that many realistic people of her age group would agree with (especially considering the evidence of recent studies) she's decried as some kind of morally questionable blithering idiot who is not entitled to her own opinion due to her 'role-model' status.

    Now I'm not saying she isn't a blithering idiot but she is entitled to her opinion and in this case I agree with it. If more parents were open with their kids about drugs I believe that most of the (very few) ecstasy deaths this country has seen could have been avoided through educating kids about how to be safe instead of demonizing pills and the people who take them.

    But obviously anyone who 'dances with strippers' (with most of their clothes on) and 'slurps their wine' isn't worth taking seriously matter what they say, right?
  13. cannabis-sam
    she reminds me so much of this girl i know shes the spitting image (that girl loves her eccies too)

    Back to the topic, I think that if parents introduced their kids to drugs it would reduce a lot of harm and potentially rates of use. If parents actually did ecstacy, alcohol and cannabis with their kids first time, the kids would learn responsible use, see how they react to it and then see if they like it or not. I mean wheather it's tobacco or crack ever teenager tries drugs. In my experience although I've never taken a drug in my life ;). Alot of kids did stay off 'Drugs' because they were illegal but not a single person in my school did not drink alcohol on a regular basis (apart from some of SWIM's friends who decided illegal drugs were alot more fun). If parents taught their kids responsibility with alcohol and all drugs we may not have as many social problems related to drug and alcohol misuse (although I do hate to seperate alcohol from illegal drugs). If people were taught drinking is dumb and it turns you into a twat but drinking a few beers in the evening (as SWIM's parents did) we could reduce harm.

    I must admit from SWIM's experience the illegality of drugs does keep alot of kids away from it, but most experiment at some point and all drink alcohol in SWIM's personal experience alcohol use amongst teens is probably %99.99 and illegal drug use is about %40-%50 but I'd rather have chavs running around the streets pilled up to their eyeballs on MDMA or stoned on cannabis than drunken jobs fighting and robbing and being right cunts.

    I mean you'd probably rather give an old lady a hug than steal her purse if you were on ecstasy.
  14. Sven99
    I have a lot of respect for Lily Allen for not churning out all the typical 'drugs are bad, and I've given up now and you should never ever take them' rubbish. We do need more celebrities willing to say 'yes, I did. So what?'
  15. Cacophony7
    Yeah that's the thing about being famous. If you say one stupid thing just ONE stupid thing, EVERYBODY knows about it. NORMAL regular people can get away with some of that.
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