Lines of Rhymes (Man in the Mirror)

By Count Quagula · Aug 12, 2016 · ·
  1. Count Quagula
    If my addiction was to end this was written on its tomb
    I only mention this my friend because I am quitting this soon

    So goodbye to the late nights and the highs that take flight
    All I see is brake lights especially to all those fake types
    The same ones that hate life when I try to make right
    No drugs means no friends not a soul in plain sight
    This is for all the loose ends I had to cut to stay tight

    If my words don't make sense and didn't sound clear
    Stick around for the second round; I'm bound to get there
    Because where I stay at we play for keeps around here
    Only a pack full of wolves; no sheep are found here

    Now on to the last but never honest to the max
    Can I say that I am haunted by a task
    of one day facing gauntlets from my past
    Which are filled with hardships that leave me nostalgic at last
    If meth were a trap I would simply fall prey to its catch

    There is nothing on this earth I can truly hate more
    Than that of a fake friend with snake skin who takes score
    Its like attending a funeral to find out the wakes yours
    How could I ever be so surprised that I made it to day four
    No myths or legends or that of fake lore
    When I know that heaven's gates will not open to take more
    So put down the pipe my friend its your turn to state yours...

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  1. Once.up.on.a.time
    Well done if you wrote this Hun I really like itxx
  2. Once.up.on.a.time
    This is really good Hun. I only said "if you wrote it" above as people sometimes put song lyrics or poems in their blogs.
    But it really is good I'm just showing it to a friend it's so good. I hope to read more from
    You xxx:D
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