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(Lines of Rhymes) Sackless in Seattle

By Count Quagula · Sep 3, 2016 ·
  1. Count Quagula
    The first hit... well, holyshit! After that I was never the same.
    The minute meth got a hold and sunk in it's fangs!
    Just like a vampire that sucks blood from veins...
    and when I don't have it ... im too fucking tired and drained.
    It sucks waking up everyday with craving dope on the brain.
    So recognize this or ignore it; but don't ever be ashamed.
    Becasue I too feel like meth is the core of my pain.
    I understand that being drug-free offers more of a gain.
    But I can't get up and just quit! It's not a sport or a game!
    There are no forfeits or extra innings that remain.
    I got a fuckin bad drug habit! That's a solid-ass claim.
    And fuck a sunny day, I like thunder and rain!

    Sackless in Seattle


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